YAMAHA YGP PCB screen printer Hot deal

Year: 2006

Condition: very neat and clean. Typa: Yamaha PCB screen printer, YGP CE model. Exact type number: KGY-600. Taken from a working SMT line. Tested, complete and is ready for immediate work.

DEK ELA Screen printing machine

Year: 2002

PCB length 510 mm
Print speed 150 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

DEK Horizon 03iX Screen printing machine

Year: 2011

Description Voltage 230v MACHINE SETUP Automatic Fiducial Setup Fast Print Speed Networking Small Fiducials Vision Plus Squeegee Pressure Feedback Manual Adjustor Screen Load 500mm Board Clamps Adjustabe Width Screen Mount (23'' & 29" stencils) Green Camera On-board VF25 Vacuum Unit to USC 400mm Blue Under Screen Cleaner Windows XP Q35 PC, SW09 SP13 Touch Screen This printer is completely calibrated …

Sato CL4NX Screen printing machine

Year: 2019

I am selling 2 pcs of Sato thermal printers Condition: refurbished Printing technology: Thermal Print speed: up to 14 ips Resolution: 200dpi Cutter: YES Print width: up to 131 mm, Interface: usb, lpt, rs232, lan Weight: 15.1 kg Dimensions: 457 x 271 x 321 mm

Used DEK Horizon 01 Inline Stencil Printer

Year: 2004

PCB length 620 mm
Print speed 8 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

Speedline MPM UP3000XL Screen printing machine

Year: 2002

PCB length 914 mm
Print speed 50 mm/s
PCB width 610 mm

DEK Horizon 01i Screen printing machine

Year: 2006

PCB length 510 mm
PCB width 508 mm

Unister ESE US1100V Screen printing machine

Year: 2008

Inline optical centring screen printer mod.Unister ESE US1100V with automatic PCB loading. Possibility of using various types of frames to stretch the foils.

Iemme SP200 Screen printing machine

Year: 2007

PCB length 0 mm
PCB width 736.6 mm

DEK Horizon 01.03 Screen printing machine

Year: 2003

PCB length 508.5 mm
PCB width 620 mm

Used DEK Europa DL Screen printing machine

Year: 2010

PCB length 620 mm
PCB width 257 mm

DEK 265 Infinity Screen printing machine Hot deal

Year: 1999

PCB length 510 mm
Print speed 2 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

Speedline Technologies Momentum Screen printing machine

Year: 2012

PCB length 609.6 mm
Print speed 305 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

Dek 265 Infinity Screen printing machine

Year: 2000

• Maximum frame size 736 x 736 x 38/40 mm (29" x 29") • Plate size o Minimum size 40 x 50 mm o Maximum size 510 x 508 mm (620 x 508 mm)* o Thickness 0.2 - 6mm • Print speed 2 - 150 mm/s • Printing pressure 0-20 kg Programmable (Closed Loop Feedback) • Camera lighting Programmable software …

DIMA HC 100 HYBRID Screen printing machine

Year: 2008

DIMA HC 100 HYBRID 2008 3 axis system XYZ + tilting holder for cartridge and dosing unit camera on the Z-axis registrationmark detection 2 dosages possible vacuum at workpiece carrier mounting plate for multiple valve temperatur machine 18-30°C

Used DEK Horizon 01i Screen Printer (2007)

Year: 2007

DEK Horizon 01i Screen Printer (2007) Brand: DEK Model: Horizon 01i Type: Screen printer Year: 2007 Machine specifications: Camera: Gold Advanced board inspection: Yes Advanced stencil inspection: Yes Paste deposition: Squeegee Auto paste dispense system: Yes Under stencil cleaner: Cyclone 460mm Conveyor type: Standard PCB dimension: 50mm x 40mm to 508mm x 508mm 620mm board option: No Clamp blade size: …

EKRA XM Screen printing machine


Flexible frame size adjustable Squeegee currently 300mm Pneumatic circuit board clamping Manual fine adjustment for board alignment Fine adjustment of the height of the circuit board Speed ​​adjustment for parallel board separation (lowering the printing table after printing) Foot switch for opening after pressure (closing via electromagnets) and lowering of the circuit board Adjustable squeegee pressure and limitation of the …

Ekra X5 stencil printing machine Hot deal

Year: 2005

tested/used/working Video is also available

The market for used PCB screen printers has diversified as electronics manufacturing equipment has developed. From manual screen printing tables, to fully automatic screen printing machines, buyers have a range of capabilities and price ranges available when purchasing a screen printer.

With that in mind, defining the specification for your screen printer purchase is essential. In addition to machinery age, running hours and price, the following technical specifications should be taken into account:
  • PCB length and width accommodated
  • PCB thickness accommodated
  • Print speed
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic control
As electronics manufacturing machinery transitioned from manual to automatic large-scale operations, the range of peripheral components on offer expanded. These peripheral components can add further costs to the machinery purchase, but many are also essential for modern PCB screen printing techniques. Common peripherals include:
  • Screen printing table
  • Keyboard, monitor and additional computer hardware
  • Understencil wiper
  • Vacuum cleaning system
  • Temperature control unit
  • Board support pins
  • Squeegee blades
Having established your specification for a PCB screen printer and identified a machine with the necessary peripheral components, it is important to consider training and setup. In many cases a manual won’t be sufficient and, with many used machines outside of manufacturer warranty, internal resources may need to be supplemented by implementation services offered by the dealer or manufacturer.