CRISTOFERI EMIDIO T100 Hydraulic press

Year: 2017

Power in tons 100 T
Table length 1600 mm
Motor power 4.10142 kW
Type C-Frame
Table width 600 mm

Imabe Iberica CH 1500 Hydraulic press

Year: 2011

I am selling a press for non-ferrous metals brand Imabe Iberica CH 1500 suitable for non-ferrous metals, cans, etc. The press is fully functional. New oil filling + filter, new knives, new piston rod of the main cylinder, new paneling of the front of the chamber. R.V. 2011. Now unused. Output approx. 3 -5 t/h

SMERAL LKT 250 Hydraulic press

Year: 1977

Power in tons 250 T
Table width 1150 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 20
Table length 1575 mm
Ram stroke 250 mm
Motor power 28 kW

Used Li-ion electrode calendering unit

Year: 2012

Lab scale calendering equipment for Li-ion battery electrodes. Buyer is requested to totally manage transportation, packing and customs clearance

Hidromode 800 Ton Hydraulic Press Hot deal

Year: 2005

Power in tons 800 T
Table width 2050 mm
Distance between columns 1400 mm
Table length 3100 mm
Ram stroke 1000 mm
Motor power 150 kW

hydraulic Pres

Year: 2012

Power in tons 250 T
Table length 1850 mm
Type H-Frame
Table width 1350 mm

250 Ton Hydraulic press for deep drawing


Power in tons 250 T
Table width 1200 mm
Table length 1400 mm

LAPPLE 1993 Hydraulic press

Year: 1993

Power in tons 250 T
Table width 2500 mm
Motor power 72 kW
Table length 4200 mm
Ram stroke 1700 mm

FLUID PRESS AC - BE Hydraulic press

Year: 1996

Power in tons 25 T
Table length 720 mm
Motor power 4 kW
Type C-Frame
Table width 570 mm

WALTER NEFF S 40 Hydraulic press

Year: 1986

Power in tons 40 T
Table length 650 mm
Motor power 11 kW
Type C-Frame
Table width 540 mm

Diamant Boart 150 ton heated Hydraulic press


Power in tons 150 T
Table width 670 mm
Distance between columns 670 mm
Table length 670 mm
Ram stroke 600 mm

Used AP&T ZM 3150-25/10 Hydraulic press

Year: 2002

Power in tons 315 T
Table length 2500 mm
Ram stroke 1100 mm
Type H-Frame
Table width 1000 mm
Motor power 158 kW

Darragon 60 ton Hydraulic press


Power in tons 60 T
Table width 700 mm
Table length 700 mm
Distance between columns 700 mm

COLLO DI CIGNO 400 TON Hydraulic press


Power in tons 400 T
Table length 1200 mm
Ram stroke 900 mm
Type C-Frame
Table width 1000 mm
Motor power 37.28561 kW

Loire 3000 kN Hydraulic press

Year: 1992

Power in tons 305.9 T
Table width 1505 mm
Table length 2495 mm
Ram stroke 800 mm

Darragon 40 ton Hydraulic press


Power in tons 40 T
Table length 700 mm
Ram stroke 300 mm
Type H-Frame
Table width 700 mm
Distance between columns 700 mm

Diamant Boart 150 ton heated


Power in tons 150 T
Table length 670 mm
Type H-Frame
Table width 670 mm

Müller 1200 Ton Hydraulic Press Hot deal

Year: 1970

Power in tons 1200 T
Table width 2250 mm
Table length 3500 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 16

Presentation of Hydraulic presses

The hydraulic press belongs to the category of foundry machines.

Function of a Metal - Hydraulic/Mechanical Press

This machine allows the user to shape a metal workpiece. It’s very often used as an extension of the sheet metal process. The machine produces energy and uses a powerful punch to give new shape to a metal workpiece. Its purpose is to partially or completely separate parts of the sheet to obtain the desired shape and/or prepare for another operation, such as folding or stamping.
First, the sheet is grassed and then placed on the matrix. The blank holder comes to rest on the workpiece, pressing and stabilizing the blank. Next, the punch deforms the sheet metal workpiece by pushing it against the bottom of the matrix. The workpiece now has its final form, and the punch can be raised in order to remove the workpiece.

Even though they have the same purpose, a mechanical and a hydraulic machine do not work in the same way. The mechanical press works by using a connected crankshaft that will cycle the ram. The hydraulic press works by using pressurized hydraulic fluid.

Main advantages of a Hydraulic/Mechanical press

This equipment is very polyvalent and has a very powerful pressure, high precision and fast production speed. It allows users to create precise shapes with very slim sheet metal rolls.

However, this machine is often quite expensive due to its high level of quality and the fact that it can operate in various shapes and metal sizes.

With Exapro, you can filter searches for yourpress machining based on:
Cutting length in mm
Max. cutting thickness in mm
Max. cutting angle in °
Min. cutting angle in °
Cutting angle (min/max °)
Back gauge type

You can also narrow down the results based on the location of the machine, year of the machine and the machine’s manufacturer.

Related machines subcategories

Metal - Eccentric presses / crank presses
Metal - Knuckle-joint stamping presses
Metal - Preforming - trimming - calibrating presses
Metal - Stamping presses

Area of use of these machines

This machine is often used after the sheet metal process. A mechanical/hydraulic press is often part of a longer production process. The machine is often used in areas where it is necessary to build complex shapes such as the automotive, foundry, aeronautical, and chemical industries.

Although this equipment is usually used in metal production, it’s also possible to use this machine in the plastic and cemetery industries for example. The current Exapro catalogue has more than five hundreds used mchanical press for sale.

Mechanical press manufacturers

In our catalogue, Exapro has some of the highest quality international manufacturers, such as bruderer mechanical/hydraulic presses, Muller presses, Erfurt presses, and many other popular products such as the Dirinler CDCS 800P81 metal press, and the Dnepropress DB2240A metal press, You can find these used machines for an affordable price in our catalogue. Don't hesitate to check our catalogue for used machines and contact an Exapro agent if you have any questions. It’s also possible to sell your used machine(s) with Exapro.

You can check out one of our presse with the Cavani & GoÌdoni 400T