INT. BROYEUR Plastic crusher Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2020

Output 40 kg/h
Power 7500 W
Crushing area 300 mm

HOCKER POLYTECHNIK ISwarf 440-4-55 Plastic crusher

Year: 2013

The material shaped by this briquette press has the shape of briquettes having a diameter of 55 to 105 mm and a length of 70 to 110 mm. These briquettes do not contain any additional binder. The compression effect is obtained only by the pressure in the closed cylindrical matrix. The material piled up in the tank of the press …

Scoiner 200/1500/150 Plastic crusher

Year: 2009

Scoiner shredder 200/1500/150 year 2009 14000kg 110Kw

Metalchem UR 600 Plastic crusher


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Rotor diameter - 600 mm Rotor length - 800 mm Knife mill inlet - 800 x 650 mm Efficiency - from 800 to 1200 kg / h Knife mill drive - motor - 55KW Number of rotor knives - 3 pairs / two-part, inclined / Number of fixed knives - 2 pcs. Degree of fragmentation - 6 - …

Used Dreher S 34/52 VS Plastic crusher


Rotor Ø: 340mm Working width: 520mm Engine power: 15-20 kW Rotor cutting bars: 5 stator cutting bars: 2 Feed opening: approx. 520 x 340 mm capacity depending on plastic and screen size: approx. 150-500 kg/h Granulate conveyor: 1,1 kW net weight: approx. 2200 kg gross weight: approx. 2500 kg box dimensions: approx. 2.6 x 2.1 x 1.7 m Feeding belts …

Grupo Fem Molino Fem Plastic crusher

Year: 2022


Rapid 1514 Plastic crusher

Year: 2000

Granulator Manufacturer: Rapid Type: 1514 Year of construction: 2000 - Device checked, cleaned and ready for use -

Used Vecoplan Rg62/150 M Single Shaft Shredder – New 2004


Description Model RG62/150 M 63″ x 80″ opening, 150 HP motor, belt driven, 15″ rotor, 72 cutters, Touch Pad, PLC controller, 2 speed hydraulic ram 2″ screen. 460 Volt/3 PH/60 HZ. With Extra Large Hopper

- LUXBER ML 10 Plastic crusher


These machines are used for requirements to reduce the volume of materials or in controlled grinding processes in industrial applications (plastic, paper, wood, chemicals, etc.), and in the recycling sector. The processed material is fed through the upper hopper of the machine, where it falls into the granulator that rotates at high speed and uses its blades to process the …

Alòs Industrials A310A


EPS A310A polystyrene compactor EPS material Packing density: 350 kg/m³ Capacity per hour: 18 kg Daily capacity: 80 kg Output block measurements 120 x 120 mm Inlet dimensions: 680 x 320 mm Weight: 270kg Unprotected noise: 77-100 dB Noise with protection: 68-85 dB Dimensions: (LxWxH) 2797 x 450 x 1770mm Power: 1.5kW Supply voltage: 1 x 230V, 50Hz, 16A 3 …

Rapid 4535/KUP Plastic crusher

Year: 1997

Crushing area 450 mm
Power 1850 W

Alòs Industrials A300A Plastic crusher


EPS A300A Polystyrene Shredder With our EPS A300 Polystyrene shredder, you can shred polystyrene. How does it work? The pieces that you want to undo are placed on the top of the machine, and the material falls down once crushed. With this machine you can crush between 15 and 25m³/h. 30-day money-back guarantee Free shipping in Spain Buy now, receive …

Tria 45-35/CN-SL Plastic crusher

Year: 2002

Crushing area 450 mm

MATEU Y SOLE B-10, Plastic crusher


Crushing area 450 mm
Power 11194.02985 W

Granplast DR-55 Plastic crusher

Year: 2020

Output 600 kg/h
Power 55 W

Candela TR10 Plastic crusher


Crushing area 320 mm
Power 7462.68657 W

Китай GreenMax Plastic crusher

Year: 2014

Output 200 kg/h
Power 19 W
Crushing area 0 mm