Haas EWB EWB 2/2 Candy machine Hot deal

Year: 1997

Machine for baking waffle tubes Requires repair of the waffle tube cutter. The rest is operational This consumption was about 9 m3 / h of natural gas - it depends on how the flames are set

NUOVA ASTRATURRI PL 300 Candy machine

Year: 1999

NEW ASTRATURRI Vertical Planetary Mixer Model PL 300 Year of construction: 2000 Planetary mixing system that combines the use of one or two tools depending on the required machining. Automatic feeding and dosing of both powder and liquid ingredients, which can be incorporated into the mixture via manual or automatic feeds. Complete with stainless steel basins. Airtight seal for alveolar …



Box containing a cooling spiral inserted in a confectionery production circuit, but also suitable for bakery products and the like. Serpentine shape, like anaconda, which develops in height with a very limited margin of separation between the floors, which allows it to take up little space. The box with closing door, which contains the Anaconda, has a height of 3 …

Aquarius F600 Lolipop machine

Year: 1996

Aquarius F600 lollipop machine 4kw Also includes: A cold tunnel 3 tracks with cold group of the line F600 year 2011 A Reig batting and calibrating machine that goes with F600 year 2011

Apv Gaulin - Candy machine

Year: ~ 2000

Depositing plant for jelly and candies capacity 250 up to 300 kgs/hr for soft candy center filled with chocolate set on pcs 28,6 x 10 mm totally made of stainless steel cooler length about 18 m, with 1 x stage of moulds by additional costs can be set hard candy with tefal moulds also for lollipop, or any customer product …

Nagema EE6 Candy machine


Circulation crusher - mixer Producer: Nagema - Germany Type: EE6 The device as new

SRC SD 300 Hard Candy machine

Year: 2014

SRC SD 300 Hard Candy machine Continue system and film baking technology with capacities ranging from 150 kg to 300 kg per hour, hard candy: The production line is equipped with the following parts: - preparation tank and tap - Vacuum microfilm molds - injection system and injection and cooling line - aluminum injection molded teflon coated - steam generator …

Proform R&S 12/3 Candy machine

Year: ~ 2008

Proform Rolling &scoring Line Built In 2008 Consist Of : Sheet Extruder driven By 15 Hp Motor , With Powder Feeder .5 Stage Laminating Roller Width 400 Mm Diameter Of Laminator Roller About 150 Mm Gum Pellets Size Cutting Set Now For Pcs 12 X 14 Mm Each Laminator Roller Have Its Own Motor 1 Hp Speed Reglate By Inverter …

NAGEMA ZS2 Candy machine

Year: 1989

CALIBRATOR NAGEMA CARMELS Year: 1989. 380V, 50Hz, 10A. Model: ZS2. 500 kg. Dimensions: length 1,380 mm, width 550 mm, height 1,430 mm.

Candy Forming Line

Year: 1998


Spomasz CKA 31 Candy machine

Year: 1997

CKA 31 slicer (cross cutting) - production: Spomasz - Pleszew - weight: 620 kg - the drive is a stepless geared motor - knife rotation: 6.8 rpm - current number of knives: 19 pieces - maximum number of knives: 27 pieces with a spacing between knives equal to 17 mm - maximum bar thickness for cutting: 20 mm - power …

Lehmann - Candy machine


Mixer, for shredding mass and preparing creams

Sanke Chewing Gum Packing Machine , Chewing Gum Wrapping Machine

Year: 2014

Chewing Gum Packing Machine , Chewing Gum Wrapping Machine + Extruder Screw speed: 18C/M, MAX OUTPUT 600KG/h Screw dia:160 mm, outlet size 130mm*30mm power:40 KWcırculation water volume 0-400L/h

ESM LJC II -360 Candy machine Low working hours

Year: 2016

LJC II confectionery machine with capacities from 160 kg to 360 kg per hour, hard candies: The production line is equipped with the following parts: - preparation tank and tensioning - Coocking vaccum mashyna - injection system and injection and cooling line - aluminum injection mold coated with Teflon (3 types) - an aroma injection dye.

Sollich KSF 800 Candy machine

Year: 1977

Manufacturer: SOLLICH Type: KSF 800 Branche of industry: marzipan nougat Description: for marcipan- & Nougat masses working width : 800mm output : diam 20mm – weight 8g – app. 180Kg/ with dough pre former and feeder belt electrical : 230/400 V, 50 Hz year: 1977 with 17 x different forming rolls included suitable for big production quantities plastic rollers with …

Spomasz CKA 9e Candy machine

Year: 2002

Cauldron for heating fillings CKA 9e - type: CKA 9e - producer: Spomasz Pleszew - working capacity: 140 l - total capacity: 180 l - weight: 535 kg - engine power 0.75 kW - rotation speed of the stirrer 26.5 rpm - steam heating

AMP ROSE - Sugar mixer used

Year: 2003

DESCRIPTION: The mixing machine is suitable for physical mixing during the food production of more or less coarse-grained snacks, and candies. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The sugar mixer is a machine that mixes materials with syrup, by rotating. It is suitable for adding sugar and blending, adding powder and blending block, …

Nagema EE6 Candy machine Hot deal

Year: 1978

Mixer, for grinding the mass and preparing creams. After renovation of the drive gear.

ZCM KU 225 Candy machine

Year: 2014

Lollipop production line The line is included rolowaczka bar stretcher packing forming machine cooling tunnel Line efficiency up to 300 pcs / min A fully automated line is sufficient for two people The machine has a set of dies in the shape of hearts It is equipped with an automatic foil positioning system with respect to the blades and has …