Year: 2018

weight 134 kg max pressure 7 bars manufactured in 2018

Geiger EA 15 SL Robot

Year: 1999

Travel X 400 mm
Travel Z 1300 mm
Travel Y 1000 mm

Linear robot Wittmann W832-0270

Year: 2011

Condition Used X 900, Y 1600, Z 3500 mm plus A-C servo axis only 3 year old, not used (only price of these axis was in 2019 - 15000,-Eur) payload 5-7 kg with A-C payload 20 kg without A-C condition: functional, in stock from 2017

STAR TW-1200IIIE Linear Robot

Year: 2007

Condition Used Linear robot STAR TW-1200IIIE Made in 2007 STAR Italy Funtional Axis Z 650 mm pneumatic + 800 mm motor +100 mm tip pneumatic Axis Y 1300 mm rail + 350 mm pneumatic Axis X 2500 mm motor loading capacity 10 kg base electrical cabinet integrated on the robot, complet cabling, air, teachpendant transport parameters: L 3500 mm x …

Linear robot Demag W643-0121, type DR643

Year: 2002

X= 800 mm Y= 1800 mm Z= 3000 mm Placing C - Axis Pneumatic 90 degrees (60NM-) Rotation A - Axis - Pneumatic 90+180 (10,0NM-) Rotation B - Axis - 0-270 (15.0NM-MOT) dimensions L x W x H: 420x195x200 cm Robot is without electrobox and teach pendant. Control CNC 6-1506

DAL MASCHIO 3E 2000 Gold Robot

Year: 2003

Travel X 3000 mm
Travel Z 1100 mm
Travel Y 2600 mm

ENGEL VIPER 20 SPEED Robot Hot deal

Year: 2014

Travel X 500 mm
Travel Z 3320 mm
Travel Y 800 mm

PIOVAN T-1000 EM Robot


Travel X 1600 mm
Travel Z 1000 mm
Travel Y 600 mm

yaskawa DX100 Robot

Year: 2014

6-axis digital robot in good condition from 2014 bought new Qe8mt

Linear robot YUDO STAR TWS - 1400 FE-5, double - headed


Condition Used Dimensions: LxWxH: 3.5x2.2x2.2 m stored on a large pallet together with the cabinet, console, weight 2 tons C axis pneumatic Second axis - hand X: 2200 mm Z: 1500 mm Z1/Z2 Y: 970 mm passport

Sepro PIP 3031 BZ Robot

Year: 2000

Sepro robot Model: PIP 3031 BZ


Year: 2008

Travel X 1600 mm
Travel Z 800 mm
Travel Y 713 mm


Year: 2011

Travel X 2400 mm
Travel Z 1400 mm
Travel Y 1090 mm


Year: 2004

Travel X 2500 mm
Travel Z 1500 mm
Travel Y 850 mm

SEPRO S5 - 25 - S3 Robot

Year: 2012

Travel X 3000 mm
Travel Z 1200 mm
Travel Y 700 mm

Yushin YCII-800S-30-18 Linear Robot

Year: 2013

Range: Traverse 3000 mm Transverse 1140 mm Vertical 1800 mm Rotary axes: A, C, pneumatic Robot arm - 2x vacuum, 3x compressed air Robot interface with transition from Euromap 67

Sytrama S9-L Robot Low working hours

Year: 2017

Travel X 700 mm
Travel Z 2500 mm
Travel Y 1400 mm

Sepro PIP 3031 BZ Robot


Robot Sepro Model: PIP 3031 BZ

Piovan T-1000 EM Robot


Travel X 2400 mm
Travel Z 1000 mm
Travel Y 600 mm

Wittmann W711-1398 2007 Robot

Year: 2007

R8 ROBOT WITTMANN W711-1398 2007 top condition

Presentation of robots for plastic injection machines

Robots for injection belongs to to the plastic - rubber machines category.

Working of the machine 

Robots for plastic Injection in Exapro catalogue work with 3 axis (X,Y,Z). They are also called 3-axis or cartesian robots. It’s also possible to find more sophisticate robots like 5 axis machines or more. Overall, the working of the machine is complementary similar with the injection moulding machines.

The typical machine includes :
  • Picking automation
  • Insert loading automation
  • In-mold decorating/labeling automation
  • Sorting automation
  • Inspection automation
Plastic robots are the workhorses of the injection moulder. These machines are integrated with the plastic moulders. After the operation of the plastic moulders, the plastic liquid has its final form and is now solid. Now, a machine has to removed it very carefully from the injection moulder. This is the job of the robot.

Thanks to the operation of the robot, an injection moulder can run constantly without interruption.

The arm of the robot work with the 3 axis : The Z axis (vertical) allow to reach the space between molds. While the X axis is made to reach from an area above the mold to a point outside the machine, the Y axis that moves the vertical arm in line with the injection molder to strip parts off the mold outside the molding part.

Advantages of the robot machine

This machine is useful for all the tasks link to the injection moulder jobs. They are very polyvalent and versatile : one robot can be used in many kind of plastic moulders. A robot is very often considered as an quite simple machine and set-up. The loading of the equipment is also quite simple : it can be installed on tables or tracks for example.
The machine only required a minimum of energy consumption. It is very flexible and can be used in many kind of plastic shapes and size.

With Exapro you can filter searches for your robots for plastic injection based on:
  • Travel X in mm
  • Travel Y in mm
  • Travel Z in mm

Related machines subcategories

Injection moulding machines
Injection moulding machines (all electric)

You can also narrow down the results based on the location of the machine, year of the machine and the machine’s manufacturers.

Area of use of these machines

As the injection moulding machines, There is not a specific area of use for the injection machine. Most of the time, It’s popular in plastic product manufacturing.

Robots for plastic injection manufacturers

Exapro regroups some of the most important manufacturers in injection moulding machines such as Sepro robots , Arburg Robots, Wittmann robot.

The current catalogue has more than 30 robot machines available.

Due to the high quality and precision of the robot for plastic, the machine can be quite expensive. With Exapro, you can find these used machinery for sale to an affordable price. You can also sell your used machinery with Exapro. Please contact an Exapro agent if you have further questions about our marketplace.

To have an better overview, you can check the Sepro robot PIP 3031, an excellent machine available in our catalogue :