Rothenburg RBSX 1.5 Butter reworker with pin mixers

Year: 2001

Butter reworker with pin mixers Reworker to handle butter at temperatures as low as 0°C. The Rothenburg reworker is designed to make the butter pumpable. Can either be used as additional buffer silo or as a reworker. The inlet for the butter is: 539 x 416 mm. With 2 connections to the butter pumps, DN100. With CIP spray balls. There …

Benhil 8477 / Microfix Butter homogeniser

Year: 1983

Butter homogeniser Manufacturer Benhil Type 8477 Microfix Capacity up to 3.000 kg per hour Year of manufacture 1983 Serial number 477/33 Power motor 5,5 kW for infinitely variable drive for the feed worms with electromagnetic clutch and a 45 kW rotor drive (homogeniser). Weight ± 2.500 kg Conditions Good Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ± 350 x …

Simon Freres Contimalax KART 1140 Butter production, wrapping and portioning machine

Year: 1987

Butter mixing and kneading machine with 2 sections. Section 1: for vacuum, section 2: for injection of culture or water. Feeding of the machine by a butter reworker. This machine has the possibility of precisely adjusting the moisture content by injection culture or brine water, or blending 2 different butters from 2 different reworkers. Vacuum working to reduce the air …

Rothenburg Butter Reworker Butter production, wrapping and portioning machine

Year: 2001

Rothenburg Special Buttersilo for Blockbutter The silo has been designed to handle blockbutter with a temperature as low as 0°C. The frontplate is equipped with a unique double shaft mixer which gives an extra kneading effect. Two pumps can be connected in the standard version. Together with the kneading effect of the augers,the frontplate mixer and an additional pin mixer, …


Year: 2007

Output 1000 u/h