Lundberg WasteTech 140 Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Lundberg Model: WasteTech 140 Year: 2017 Serial number: 212 Possibility to connect up to 3 machines Max pipe diameter: 160 mm Max suction distance: 20 m Max speed: 300 m/mn Max air flow: 1600 m3/h Motors: granulator 0,75 kW, ventilator 2,2 kW Power supply: 3-ph 400 V, 50 Hz EC standards compliant Overall dimensions (l x d x h): …

DE LAMA MOD. VS/E-CAB - Laboratory sterilizer autoclave used

Year: 2001

DESCRIPTION: The De Lama saturated steam sterilization autoclaves of the E-CAB series are the most versatile vertical cylindrical sterilizers, designed to meet the multiple needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices. MAIN FEATURES: Monobloc cabinet sterilizers for the treatment of laboratory materials of the pharmaceutical industry, of institutes and research centers, of …

HAMO MOD.T-420 - Pharmaceutical Grade Washer used

Year: 1998

DESCRIPTION: This pharmaceutical grade parts washing machinery is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and to comply with international standards in order to provide high level performance together with easy access to components, all in a small footprint. This washing system has been developed and designed keeping in mind the high level of cleaning required in …

MIELE Mod. PG8528 - Washer Disinfector used

Year: 2008

DESCRIPTION: This machine can be used for cleaning and disinfecting instruments or medical products and laboratory ware. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The cleaning result must ensure that the instruments have been disinfected correctly, that no residues are left behind, that subsequent sterilisation can be carried out and that the instruments can …

Perrier MFG-45/9 Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 1997

Bottle blower Manufacturer: Perrier Model: MFG-45/9 Year : 1997 Number of stations on carousel: 45 Number of cells on the stars: 9 Pitch: 97.73 mm Output: 30,000 bottles/hour Installed format: 10 ml glass bottles Weight: 1700 kg Power supply: 380 V 3-ph / 50 Hz Allowed bottle size: min-max height 40 mm - 190 mm Under laminar flow Technical documentation …

Used Disinfection tunnel Milla Mimasa MD-200

Year: 2014

Machine with several washing phases: washing and rinsing. The washing is carried out by a pressure pump and the water used is recycled and accumulated in a tank. Rinsing is carried out with clean water from the network. The machine frame, the mechanization parts and the assemblies are made of stainless steel AISI 304 quality.

FEDEGARI MOD. FOA8/DD - Industrial sterilizer used

Year: 2004

DESCRIPTION: The FOA series sterilizers are designed to sterilize with humid heat, with an air / steam mixture in counter-pressure, and are therefore suitable for treating materials and containers that would be damaged in saturated steam cycles due to the pressure inside the containers themselves. Magnetically driven fans force a high rate of fluid circulation within the chamber. Internal sanitary …

MANESTY MOD. 25VS - Rotary tablet deduster used


DESCRIPTION: Stainless steel rotary tablet deduster. This machine, placed at the discharge chute of a tablet press, ensures gentle dedusting of tablets of all shapes. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. Ideal for production of middle-sized charges and research applications MAIN FEATURES: Compact design, minimum footprint. Easy assembly and disassembly, no tools are needed. Easy …

DE LAMA DLST/L Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 2003

DE LAMA DLST/L "CE" sterilization oven complete with trolley and under-trolley, systems, specifications and manuals.

Getinge 8668 Cleaning and sterilizing machine


Washer Manufacturer: Getinge Model: 8668 Internal dimensions: 660 x 800 x 660mm With trolleys Technical documentation: present (user manual)

Used Bausch Stroble DHT 2580 Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 1993

Brand: Bausch & Stroble Model: DHT2580 YOM: 1993 Retrofitted: 2007 Technical details Prod. speed 10000 p/h

Bausch + Ströbel FAW 500 Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 1994

Semi-automatic washer for vials and ampoules The machine is made up of 16 receiving stations, so 4 are freely accessible by the operator for loading and unloading needs. The operations of the cleaning cycle take place on the 12 remaining stations alternating between washing and blowing stations. The machine working intermittently, the needle holder rises during the stop periods so …

MANESTY - Tablet deduster used


DESCRIPTION: This is a reliable system for dedusting of tablets and capsules and could be used for batch cleaning or for direct hook up to the tableting machine. Stainless steel construction. Mounted onto a height and angle adjustable stand. Variable speed. Safety interlock fitted to detachable access cover. Dedusting is achieved through vibration: The tablets are pushed up along a …

Hamo T-21 Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 2000

Automatic wash machine Interior dimensions: 640x600x640 mm External dimensions : 1200x1800x900 mm Power supply : 3X400 V 50 Hz 36A Power : 22.5 kW

MIELE G 77836 Cleaning and sterilizing machine Low working hours

Year: 2008

Miele G 77836 THERMAL DISINFECTOR with Miele G 7895 water purifier. It is an equipment for CLEANING and DISINFECTION that has: - Hot air drying unit. - Yield: 37 narrow neck flasks 96 pipettes 1600 test tubes. - Front loading with drop-down door. - Stainless steel. - Low heat and noise emission. - Electronic control of free configuration with 16 …

Steriline SWAB5 Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 2008

New Equipment (never used) Current format: 14 ml vials Diameter 21.5 mm Height 60 mm Weight about 13 gr Cadence: 7000 pieces / hour Dimensions of the machine: Length: 4778 mm Width: 1,233 mm Height: 1700 mm Weight: 1450 kg Compressed air: Pressure: 6 bar Air consumption: 40 Nm3 / h Water for Injection Pressure: 6 bar Consumption: 280 l …

Used Steriline VWA1 Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 1992

DESCRIPTION: Continuous machine for washing, decontaminating and drying vials internally and externally, built with stainless steel, with parts in rubber approved for pharmaceutical use. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Continuous washing machine for bottles designed and manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry. The electrical cabinet contains …

Zanchetta Hidro wash lp + Hidro wash hp Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 2003

washing pump Manufacturer: Zanchetta Model: Hidro wash lp + Hidro wash hp 2 devices (low pressure and high pressure) Year: 2003 Pressure: 6 bar for low pressure part, 60 bar for high pressure part Dimensions: LP = 780 x 1400 x 1380 mm (weight approx. 600 kg) HP = 780 x 1550 x 1340 mm (weight approx. 600 kg)

Sicma B01-6/301 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2004

Sicma B01-6 / 301 Snowblower Manufacturer: Sicma Model: B01-6 / 301 Year: 2004 Documentation: present Cadence max: 3500 B / h Power supply: 380 PE / 50 Hz / 1.5 A Power: 0,4 kW Overall dimensions (l x p x h): approx. 2600 x 1600 x 2000 mm Mass: about 800 kg

Bosch Gillowy Cleaning and sterilizing machine

Year: 1984

Gillowy vial and bottle washing machine with possibilities for ampule with correct tooling Sold as is running condition. can be refurbished with modern electronics at an additional cost.