Mikrosan Twin Screw Extruder

Year: 2009

Screw diameter 67 mm

MAAG SGS 25-E4 Extrusion - Single screw extruder Low working hours

Year: 2020

we offer for sale an unused granulation unit for compounding lines.

POMINI FARREL POMINI FARREL LIMITED Extrusion - Twin screw extruder Low working hours

Year: 1997

Screw diameter 80 mm
Output 70 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 70 kg/h

Krauss Maffei KMD 2-40KK Extrusion - Twin screw extruder

Year: 1990

Screw diameter 80 mm
Plastifying capacity 80 kg/h

BATTENFELD Double Screw Extruder Low working hours

Year: 1995

Screw diameter 90 mm
Output 400 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 400 kg/h

Coperion CTE-75 twin screws underwater extruder


Screw diameter 72 mm
Output 800 kg/h

Renovated Berstorff ZE 40 A Extrusion - Twin screw extruder Hot deal

Year: 1996

Screw diameter 43 mm
Output 150 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 120 kg/h

Used Leistritz ZSE 50 GL Extrusion - Twin screw extruder

Year: 1995

Screw diameter 49.7 mm
Output 250 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 250 kg/h

Extruder Caspro EP 60 68 TWIN

Year: 2000

Type: EP 60 68 TWIN Producer: Caspro Made in: 2000 Characteristic: The twin screw extruder on PVC works. We then extruded it from WPC dry mix or hardened PVC.

KRAUSS MAFFEI Double screw extruder

Year: 1992

Screw diameter 90 mm
Plastifying capacity 200 kg/h

THEYSOHN BY 2-108 Extrusion - Twin screw extruder

Year: 2001

Screw diameter 108 mm
Output 400 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 400 kg/h

Used Comac EBC 70 AV Extrusion - Twin screw extruder

Year: 1992

Screw diameter 68 mm
Plastifying capacity 300 kg/h

BAUSANO Double Screw Extruder

Year: 1996

Screw diameter 140 mm
Plastifying capacity 800 kg/h

How Extrusion Works?

Extrusion process aims to transform plastic / polymeric materials in order to produce high quality products. Twin screw extruders consist of two screws mounted on splined shafts in a closed barrel. Those screws are co-rotating which allows different types of plastic to be mixed well together. Twin screw extruders have a remarkable mixing capability which adds significant value to the production unit.

Twin Screw Extruders

Twin screw extruders belong to Plastic / Rubber machine category on Exapro and are used for production of plastic pipes, tubes or sheets of plastic. Extrusion is actually the first stage of producing a sheet of plastic thermoforming being the second stage of this process. As opposed to single screw extruder, twin screw feature allows to better mix the materials together. Hence it is possible to use different types of plastic which will be mixed together during extrusion to create the final product.

Inside of the extruder, two screws are rotating and this rotary motion is pushing plastic up front and mixing it at the same time. What kinds of materials can be used in a twin screw extruder? Usually, it is plastic pellets with additional colorants to achieve a special color of plastic. On the other hand, twin screw extruders are perfect for production of compounds: 2 types of plastic pellets mixed together to create a final product.

Extrusion Process

To start the extrusion process, machine operator should set the screw rotation speed and the volume of material needed for the production of the final part. During production process, mixed plastic is going through the die which is giving the product it's final shape. Part of the extrusion machine could be a cooling tank which is needed to cool the final product down. The final stage of production is cutting - pipes/tubes generally need to be cut to a specific length.

Various types of plastic can be used for extrusion. The type of plastic depends on the material the screw is made of. Every screw is made of a special metal compatible with certain types of plastic. Among typical extrusion materials belong polyethylene (PE), polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acetal, acrylic, nylon (polyamides) and polycarbonate.

Area of Use

Plastic products have a very wide range of use in everyday life and industrial environment. For instance, plastic sheets are used for further production of yogurts caps, lids, cling film, even plastic bags. Pipes and tubes can be implemented in many areas, starting from individual housing up to the industrial range of use. Extruders are also installed inside of blow moulding machines which are used for production of plastic (PET) bottles.

Main Advantages

  • Mixing capability. Due to screw rotation and the diversity of available screw designs mixing intensity and quality can be remarkably high. On the other hand, single screw extruder mixing capability is quite limited.
  • Production process flexibility. Twin screw extruders are capable of handling multiple processing functions (such as melting, mixing, cooking, venting, cooling, etc.). It can be achieved thanks to independent screw speed.
  • Better control of production parameters: narrower residence time distribution, lower dispersion of shear rates and strain, higher convective heat transfer, accurate control of temperature profile.
  • Higher productivity. Twin screw extruders can handle wider variety of plastic materials and mix formulations including complex recipes in a shorter time-frame.

Main Manufacturers

Most popular manufacturers of twin screw extruders are the following companies: Amut, Bandera, Krauss Maffei and Cincinatti. For a reliable twin screw extruder, also check out brand names like Battenfeld, Leistvitz, Weber, Werner & Pffeiderer.

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