Beltechnologia SP 1600 Forging roll Cross wedge rolling machine Hot deal

Year: 1997

Max. workpiece Ø 40 mm
Roll length 230 mm
Type Hydraulic
Motor power 37 kW

Koçlu Q40 Forging roll

Year: 2017

Max. workpiece Ø 50 mm
Type Mechanical
Motor power 24 kW
Roll diameter 360 mm
Roll length 300 mm

ROBERTSON DUO Forging roll

Year: 1970

Roll diameter 450 mm
Roll length 900 mm

Hasenclever AWF 335/680/710S Forging roll


Max. workpiece Ø 635 mm
Roll length 2480 mm
Roll diameter 635 mm
Motor power 100 kW

MINO DUO Forging roll Hot deal

Year: 1972

Roll diameter 280 mm
Roll length 650 mm

Eumuco RW0 Forging roll


Max. workpiece Ø 300 mm
Roll length 720 mm
Type Mechanical
Motor power 11.18568 kW

Used COLOMBO DUO Forging roll Hot deal

Year: 1968

COLOMBO duo rolling mill - Working table mm 600

Wagner KFRWT 400 Ring rolling machine

Year: 1987

Outer ring diameter: max 400mm Ring height : max 50mm Weight of coil: 8Kg Diameter of Table: 1200mm Height of table above floor: 750mm Eccentricity of vertical shaft to the rotary table: 70 mm Eccentricity of roll head: 22,5mm Eccentricity of the roll axis: 45mm Dimensions (W x D x H): 1700 x 2950 x 2100mm Required floor space: 3900 …