GD 5000 B Simple/ double wrapper


GD 5000 B Simple/ double wrapper

Carle e Montanari Simple/ double wrapper for jelly candies


Carle e Montanari Simple/ double wrapper for jelly candies

GD 2352 / S Simple/ double wrapper


Double twist packing machine for truffles, jellies - Manufacturer: GD - Italy - feeding candy using a conveyor belt - device taken out of production, operational, in very good technical and visual condition

Nagema VGLA Simple/ double wrapper Hot deal

Year: 1976

Packaging machine for wrapping chocolates in aluminum foil, e.g. Michałki - VGLA type, - capacity: up to 80 pcs/min. - after renovation - available quantity 5 pcs

COMIZ Twistband Simple/ double wrapper


The clipper - binder is suitable for applying the lace to the packages, it can be applied both manually via a pedal which is automatically connected to the packaging lines for packaging of products such as whole bread, cakes, focaccias or products on a tray or tub. The binding of the bag is done automatically with the strap that can …

Nagema EL 5 Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1979

A packing machine for wrapping sweets in a Viennese cone Producer: Nagema - Germany Type: EL 5 The sweets are served automatically by a conveyor belt.

Ipak AFC2 DF Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1993

Chocolate wrapping machine - prod .: IPAC - ITALY - type: AFC2 DF - year of production: 1993 - very good condition The packaging machine wraps in paraffin-aluminum foil and paper dust jacket. Chocolates dimensions: 35x20x6 mm

Used Acma G.D 1200 N Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1996

Year of manufacture: 1996 Current G.D 1200 N-Format: 25 mm x 22 mm x 5 mm Electrical date: 8 kW / 380 Volts / 50HZ

NAGEMA EU3 Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1974

REF-2098 NAGEMA BRAND DOUBLE FRINGE CANDY WRAPPER Model: EU3. Registration number: 01-134/174. Year: 1974. Weight: 1,000kg. Dimensions: 1,300mm wide, 1,700mm long, 1,400mm high.