WILLEMSE ENGELE 2000 Chocolate production machine

Year: ~ 2005

Belt width 1000 mm
Cooling System No

SOLLICH ZK 1000 Chocolate production machine


Belt width 1000 mm
Cooling System Yes

KNOBEL CA 9 Chocolate production machine

Year: 1986

Belt width 350 mm
Cooling System No

Tempering machine Nagema + 80 cm Enrober + piping (stainless)

Year: 2015

Enrober (with piping and pumps.) Model: OC-800 Serial Number: 121/2015 Age: 7 years It doesn't have built-in tempering, so there is a tank below the machine and the chocolate is pumped out to the tank and then again to the tempering machine and to the enrober. We have used it only for top coating. I am not sure about the …

Kreuter 1000 Chocolate production machine

Year: 1972

Belt width 1000 mm
Cooling System Yes

Chocolate production machine 80kg

Year: 2021

For sale, 80kg continuous tempering machine in a bain-marie with covering belt, never used. The machine has only been used 1 year.

Prefamac PENR Chocolate production machine

Year: 2013

Belt width 800 mm
Cooling System Yes

Used Fryma MS-50 Chocolate production machine Ball Mill

Year: 2000

Vertical bead mill "annular gap ball mill Content 9.8 L Power 150 - 1000 L / h Case dimensions 520 x 300 mm with mechanical seal, working pressure 2.5 bar with double jacket Rotor with double jacket, working pressure 2.0 bar Max. Temperature 80 degrees Motor 55.0 KW, 400/690 Volt (Ex) No. 75439/00 Year of construction 2000 with switch Space …

Yasa Machine, Makrev Machine One Shot Soğutma Tüneli Chocolate production machine

Year: 2006

280 PIECES OF 48 MOLDS 8 HOURS 2200 KG CHOCOLATE BATON 3 Makrev Packing Machines Makrev Packaging Yasa Makina Chocolate Machines