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Please find our machine offers listed in our catalogue. Our machines sorted in about 80 subcategories to help you find quickly the right used machine. Tool machines are used in many industrial processes and a significant number of models and suppliers are to be found on the used machinery market. Here are some of the most current machines manufacturers : AVYAC, CINCINNATI, DECKEL, EWAG, SCHMIDT, TACCHELLA, TOS, CERUTI, CORNAC, JUARISTI, PAMAC, RYAZAN, SKODA, STANKO, COMINI, HAAS, HELLER , HITACHI, HURON, KITAMURA, MAHO, MAKINO, MAZAK, MITSUI SEKI, SCHARMANN, TOYODA, BRIDGEPORT, ALCERA, DUFOUR, GILDEMEISTER and so much more.

Exapro helps you with your researches is the industrial marketplace for your purchases and sales of used machine tools. Here you can buy or sell your second-hand mechanical and special machines at very interesting prices amongst many sectors : Saws, milling machines, drilling machines, Lathing machines, Machining centers, CNC machining centers, sharpening machines, grinding machines. Adding your machines on sale is free of charge and will help you reach hundreds of thousands professionals every month. The equipment are spread around the globe therefore we offer you to use filters during your researches in order to select the country you are interested in.

Tool machines: operating principles

Machine tools are widely used in the industry as this type of equipment allows metalworking and transformation through a large panel of processes. Then, the piece of metal is set in motion in order to be modified, cut or shaped by the machine. As the industry is developing constantly, and so do the technologies, tool machines are always more precise and sophisticated in order to perform complex industrial processes.