Sotexi - Roubane - Beca - Nordson PIK-PIK Complete plant/production unit

Year: 1990

Set of machines for quilting industry, thin insulation etc. The machines that make up this set are intended for the textile industry (especially mattresses and bedding) and come from a garment factory in this sector where they were in production a short time ago. includes + 1 BECA winder + 1 quilting machine SOTEXI - CHAINTRONIC -PIK PIK CH2 + …

Plasticisers CF Multifilament Yarn Machinary

Year: 1993

CF Multifilament Yarn Machinary: Machine is under working conditions. PLASTICISERS 1993 150-1500 denier 75 kg/hour capacity 2x 8 = 16 or 1 x 8 = 8 bobinnes Winder: Manual Winding Speed 1500m/min Tube diameter Internal 94 mm Tube Length 2x230 mm Package diameter maximum 360 mm Yarn reserve Semi-automatic Chuck drive system friction drive

Used Mask Line 70 p/min - Automatic machine for the production of non-woven surgical masks for children

Year: 2020

Macchina automatica per la produzione di mascherine chirurgiche in TNT da bambino. Tipologia maschera: Mascherina chirurgica pediatrica. Capacità produttiva: 70 pezzi / min Materiale: Tessuto non tessuto composito Numero di Strati: 3 strati Processo di realizzazione: Saldatura ad ultrasuoni Quadro comandi: LCD Touch Screen Pressione aria: 0.6 Mpa – 6 Bar Power: 20kW Tensione: 380V/50Hz Progr. Produzione: Contatore automatico digitale …

Machine for the production of covered yarns (elastane + textured polyamide, elastane + textured polyester)

Year: 2004

- FADIS Sincro-Jet 20T.DX - Machine for the production of covered yarns (elastane + textured polyamide, elastane + textured polyester) with 20 production stations and central unit (computer) capable of running up to 50 workstations Model Sincro-Jet 20T.DX, production FADIS Spa Italy, production year 2004, operational since 2005. Now have a usage time (according to the computer) of 13800 hours. …

Opening line Hergeth/Trutzschler

Year: 1989

For sale: -2x Bale Opener Hergeth, ww. 1000 mm -1x Bale Opener Trutzschler, ww. 1000 mm -1x Transporter -1x Fine Opener Trutzschler -1x Transporting fan Hergeth -Control modernized in 2005. Digital scales. Very good condition.

China yongle Complete plant

Year: 2020

Surgical mask production machine, purchased in May 2020. The manufacturer states that the machine can assemble up to 60 masks per minute, but we find that 30-40 masks per minute is the most stable speed. The average height is 1.80m, with a maximum of 2.32m at the coils. Maximum depth is 0.94m. Connects to normal electrical outlets (single phase), consumption …

Tepa Impregnation and drying line

Year: 2004

Impregnation and drying line Year: 2004 Brand: Tepa Width: 2000 Description: TEPA Stack of Drying Cylinders composed of: TEPA 2 roller Padder with impregnation tank. width 2200mm Compensator. Stack of 6 Drying cylinder diameter 600 mm. Roller width 2.000 mm. Teflon coated. BAELZ steam System Exit compensator. Exit by Big batcher for A-frame. Canopy for take out the steam. Machine …

China - Line for mask production KQSZHW - 100 Complete plant Hot deal

Year: 2020

Line for the production of masks Model: KQSZHW - 100 Capacity: 90-110 pcs / min Mask specifications: 175 x 95mm Applies to: double, triple, medical and general masks Drive way: servo motor and stepper motor Power: AC 380V 50 / 60Hz Pressure: 0.5 - 0.6 Mpa Machine size (LxWxH): 6850 x 3600 x 1900mm Machine weight: 800 kg

Plantex 3/12u/3c X 2 BCF Multifilament Carpet Yarn Machinary

Year: 1998

BCF Multifilament Carpet Yarn Machinary: Machine is under working conditions. Tricolor/monocolor 2 machines on single platform, Each machine has 3 extruders, 3 drawing units, output 6 x 2 bobines, Capacity: 10 tons/day. 6 extruders, and 2 spare winders. PLANTEX/ ITALY Type 3/12U/3C X 2 Year 1998 Description For polyamid and polypropylene 1000-6000 dtex yarn, in 3 colours, alternative 2 or …

Befama BEFAMA Complete plant

Year: 1970

Complete line for the production of filler PES balls This device is characterized by high long-term reliability and is highly appreciated by users because of its simple construction and inexpensive maintenance. Specific power varies in volume approx. 100 kg / h The production line consists of the following individual devices: 1. Spreader where the PES stack is inserted and gradually …

Laip 400/2 Complete plant

Year: 1993

Dyeing plant in rope for knitting and woven fabrics 1 - Squeezing line, brand BIANCO, composed with pre-squeezing, brand BIANCO, de-twisting, rope-opener, slitter, squeezing mangle with N. 2 rollers, delivery in big roll and plait, year 1998, roller width 2.200 mm. 2 - Squeezing line, composed with de-twisting, brand BIANCO, spreading device, squeezing mangle with N. 3 rollers, brand CIATTI, …

Plasticisers CF Complete spinning plant

Year: 1998

PP/PES/PA multifilament CF yarn machinary, PLASTICISERS 1998, 3 x 2 x 4, 150-2500 denier 200 kg/hour capacity 4 x 6 = 24 or 2 x 6 = 12 bobinnes Winding Speed 1500-2500 m/min Friction Roller Diameter 125 mm/chromium plated and furnished Tube diameter 94 mm Tube Length 2x300 mm or 4x150 mm Package diameter maximum 360 mm Yarn reserve Semi-automatic …

Spinnbau calander bonding line

Year: 1985

Calander bonding line The line consist of: 1. metal detector 2. feed silo 3. Trutzschler fine opener 4. Truztschler FBK exact feed 2500 mm 5. Spinnbau double doffer card 2500 mm, yoc. 1983 Electrical controls 380V/50Hz 6. Ramisch DUPLO (2 calanders) RKK 7. one with 2 smooth steel rolls 8. one with cotton bowl and smooth steel roll 9. HTT …

Befama CU660 Complete production plant

Year: 1990

Machine description Used Carding machine Befama CU660 2200 mm with a new weighing Hopper Feeder. Machine is after general renovation made in 2016. The 600 series machines are highly reliable and highly valued by users for their reliability. The set inculdes: Weighing Hopper Feeder Pre - Shredder Roller Carding Machine Crosslapper Befama Chamber or Calender System of cutting and folding …

Complete line for processing alpaca/sheep wool TEKATEX

Year: 2020

Complete TEKATEX alpaca / sheep wool processing line The sample row consists of the following: - TEKATEX TP12 sampler above 1,200 mm - TEKATEX VT17 volumetric waste feeder above 1700 - 2100 mm - BEFAMA carding machine above 1,800 - 2,200 mm Additionally, the line can be equipped with the following finishing devices: - sliver or automatic tambour - depends …

China X Complete plant


a set of machines for the production of PP nonwoven ecological bags (wigofil). 1. ONL B800 Automatic PP non-woven bag making machine. Non woven bagmaking machine. 2. YT-21200 Flexographic printer for printing on ready-made bags (1 printing color) 3. YT-2600 Flexographic printer for printing on nonwovens in rolls (2 colors of printing) 4. Slitter-slitter for longitudinal cutting of non-woven fabric …

Zhonghai Mask Technology Company Automat Complete plant


This production line is capable of producing 80-100 drapes per minute. Veil size: 175 mm x 95 mm Material: non-woven fabric Possibility of creating a veil with 2-4 layers. Production line weight: 1,600 kg Production line dimensions: 6500x2200x1800 mm Production line: 100% aluminum construction Includes photoelectric test system. Machine operator: 2 people 220 V / 50 Hz Upon agreement, we …

Fiber opening line Hergeth/Trutzschler


The offer includes: 3x Trutzschler Bale Openers (yoc. 1985), incl. weighing scales, ww. 1000 mm 1x Trutzschler collecting table 1x Fine Opener Trutzschler FM 1x Fine Opener Trutzschler VFO 1200

Bale opening line Hergeth


Bale opening line Hergeth., that consist of 3x weighing Bale Opener Hergeth 1x Collecting table 1x Fine Opener With weighing system.

PCM Engineering S.r.l. Glue Laminating Machine Complete plant

Year: 2016

Equipment for applying glue/binder (cold) to material unrolled from a roll or supplied in sheets (plates) and for gluing with other material supplied in sheets/plates. Can be supplemented with a second unwinder for lamination of both materials from rolls. An original flying knife can be purchased from the Italian manufacturer for continuous cutting of glued materials without stopping the machine. …