Antonio 901 Calender

Year: 2015

Working width 3400 mm

Monti Antonio 93-2000 Calender Hot deal

Year: 2013

Monti Antonio 93-2000 Calender Machine is in good condition

Diferro DP-20B600C Digital press

Year: 2020

Rotating front Table for Part Printing No need for chimney system The machine has its own system inside. It transmits the smoke out with 2 fans from right to left. Back Winding Included Barely Used Has Zero Pattern Space. 60's Cauldron. Heating System Heat Transfer Oil Maximum Temperature 220c° Average Warm-up Time 80 Min. Average Cooling Time 150 Min. Total …

Tural Textile Calender in excellent condition


Tural Textile Calender Machine is in excellent condition Chrome coating drum Foldable table

Transmatic GFO 6076 L Calender

Year: 2014

Working width 1800 mm

MATEX SM Calender

Year: 1999

Working width 1800 mm

LEMAIRE S P R 4 7 4, Calender

Year: 1997

Working width 2000 mm

Transmatic 7372 SPORT Calender

Year: 2015

Working width 1800 mm