Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the marketplace for used machines

Discovering Exapro

How does Exapro work?
If it’s your first visit to Exapro, or if you want to further know about us, please check our page How it works
What is the cost of Exapro?
Listing machines on Exapro is free. To cover the costs of running Exapro, we charge a commission fee when a deal is made. The commission fee is calculated based on the final price.
What is the registration process?
Registering as an Exapro member allows you to make the most of Exapro’s services. You can add and manage your machines, create a customized newsletter, have immediate access to the inquiry process, and finally, have a dedicated Exapro agent to assist you.

The entire process is free, without any hidden fees.

First, fill out all of the information in the registration form, such as your name, your phone number, your country, the type of machines you want to sell, etc. Once you have filled out all of the information, create your own password and click on “Save”.

A message will appear telling you to confirm your email. You will find an Exapro email in your mailbox. Open it and click on the link. If the link does not work, copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser. You will be automatically redirected to an Exapro website page that will explain how to use your client account. You are now an Exapro member and you can start buying and selling machines.

Once again, don't hesitate to give us maximum details. If you still have issues registering, please contact us.
What is the Exapro Newsletter and how does it work?
The Exapro newsletter allows you to directly receive in your mailbox the best machines according to the machine category you want. Click “Select newsletter category(s)” and add as many newsletters as you want according to the machine category.
What about my confidentiality?
Exapro takes confidentiality very seriously and keeps all its members’ and users’ contact details in a secure industrial database (encrypted with a TLS / SSL key). Machine sellers and buyers, therefore, remain anonymous until an agreement is reached through Exapro’s intermediation and a visit organized.

Listing machines on Exapro

How do I list machines?
To add a machine that you want to sell on, you need to register and add your machine from your account.

To do so, please follow the steps below:
  • Enter the model and manufacturer of the machine and describe it as accurately as possible
  • Give as much detail as possible, including the price of the machine
  • Specify the country location of the machine, especially if it is different from the country where you reside
  • Enter as much information as possible in order to make your offer attractive, including pictures and/or videos
The more details you add, the more visibility your machine will have, giving it a better position within the Exapro pages. If you have any difficulties adding your machine, please send us the details of the machine (manufacturer, type, year, technical info, price, and some photos if available) on [email protected]
What are the incoterms?
The incoterms stand for International Commercial Terms, which specify the costs and risks of shipping, including insurance and import taxes related to an international business deal.

While there are many incoterms, just a few are used in the trading of used machines.

Main incoterms used by Exapro concerning used equipment:
  • Exworks - The seller makes the goods available at their premises. While this usually does not include truck loading, this can be discussed with the seller.
  • LOC / LOT - stands respectively for Loaded on Container and Loaded on Truck. While these are not proper incoterms, they notify the seller to take care of dismantling and loading the truck or container sent by the buyer to the premises. Be sure to properly understand which shipping resources are needed for specific types of machines (the type of container or truck).
  • FCA – stands for Free Carrier. The seller takes care of the loading and delivery to a specific location in the same country. This leaves some room for negotiation but it is usually understood as a place close to the seller’s location.
  • FOB – stands for Free on Board. The seller has to bring the machine to the nearest major seaport and leave it at the shipping company (theoretically the ship). He also has to clear the machine for export.
  • CIF – stands for Cost, Insurance, and Freight. The seller is responsible for shipping the machine to the main destination port, including transport insurance.
  • DAP (ex DDU) – stands for Delivered at Place. The seller ships the machine all the way to the agreed location, but does not take care of import clearance and unloading.
If you do not know which incoterm to use, please leave the field as “----”
How can I increase my chances of selling?
In order to maximize your selling chances:
  • Reasonable prices: think of the initial purchase price, age, options, conditions, and actual market prices. Price is certainly the most important sale factor. Do not forget that Exapro's commission will be added on top of your price.
  • Sales conditions: include all details concerning payment, the Incoterm if needed and if you can dismantle and load the machine.
  • Include as much info as possible on your ads: technical information, condition and the use of the product. If possible, also insert pictures – they increase the number of visits to your product’s page. Videos are also more than welcome, so feel free to send them to [email protected]
  • Clarify if the machine meets safety standards.
Why should I provide maximum details when adding a machine?
The position of a machine in the Exapro catalog is determined (among other criteria) by the number of technical details you give about your equipment when you add it. The more details you give, the higher the position of your machine in the Exapro catalog. A good position in the Exapro catalog will make your offer much more visible, and therefore attract more buyers.

Fill in as much detail as possible to increase the visibility of your machine and, consequently, your chance of selling. Moreover, most of our clients use the filter system (on the left side of every Exapro subcategory page). If a potential buyer is looking for a machine with an attribute that you didn't include, your machine will simply not appear as a result.

You can edit your machine at any time to add more details. Machines with a quality score of more than 75% are five times more likely to be sold.
How to set the right price on my used machinery?
You need the right price to sell quickly and efficiently:
  • The rarity of your machine: Is it from a small production batch or common on the second-hand market?
  • The initial price: The total price of the purchase without the shipping and installation fees you paid originally.
  • The accounting depreciation: Does your machine have a book value at your company?
  • The state of the machine: Is it in good working condition? Has it been used extensively? What kind of regular maintenance was performed on it? ● The options: What are side parts, tools or improvements?
  • The actual market: What are the new technologies associated with your machine? Have the machine’s technologies become obsolete?
  • The second-hand market: Do you regularly see this type of machine for sale? Is the demand increasing or decreasing? Is the machine still produced and does the manufacturer still exist?
  • Additional costs: Are there any additional costs the customer should be aware of, such as dismantling, loading, or repairing?
  • Terms of sale: Which type of payment do you accept (payment before removal, letter of credit...)? Can you take care of the dismantling and loading onto a truck?
  • Extras: Do you include any tools or accessories with the machine?
Here is an example of a calculation: a CNC machining centre bought in 2000 for 64 000 H.T delivered and installed could be so devalued: 50% of the initial price is 32 000 € - Installation (2000€) - Machine condition (3000€) - Common type of the machine (3000€) + Loading included (500€) + Tools (1000€) + Maintenance book and manuals (200€) + Simple payment terms (ex: cashable check in 30 days) (+1000€) = 26 700€ Exapro's commission is automatically added for a final price of 29 700 €.

The price is the main factor in the sale of your equipment. Do not hesitate to lower it to optimize the selling time. N.B: If you are unable to calculate the right price, please put "0" for the Best price so it appears as "Price on request".
How long will my product stay on Exapro?
Unless we sell your product or you ask us to delete it, your product will stay online for five months. When you add a product, the expiration date is automatically calculated unless you set a specific one. You can renew your offers for free as many times as you want in your profile.
Why would your machines be deleted from Exapro?
The main reasons for your machines to be deleted by Exapro are as follows:
  • Your machine has been subject to controversy with possible legal implications (ex. another company is claiming that they own the machine)
  • Your goods are not considered to be used industrial equipment
  • Your machines are too small to be effectively sold by Exapro (ex. small parts)
  • Your pricing or lack of technical details are clearly preventing any possible deal to be reached with the potential buyers
  • You are not respecting the general terms of use of Exapro. Please contact Exapro if you have any reason to believe that machines are being deleted from your account without reason.

Inquiring and purchasing process of a machine

How can I look for a machine?
There are several ways to find the machine you are looking for. First, you can search according to the category and subcategories of the machine. You can also use the internal search engine included on every Exapro page. Enter a keyword (model, manufacturer, type of machine, etc.) and select your desired location.

Once you arrive at a list of products within a subcategory, you can choose your filters. These filters are divided into general information about the machine (manufacturer, location, country, year of the machine) and technical attributes specific to each subcategory. You can also navigate the pages without using the filters.
How do I inquire about a machine?
Once you find the machine you are interested in, fill out the inquiry form. An Exapro agent will get back to you as soon as possible.
How do I finalize a deal?
Your Exapro agent will help you finalize the deal with the buyer. If you want, the Exapro agent can also help you arrange a visit. All of these services are completely free, without any hidden fees. If the seller does not speak the same language as you, the Exapro agent will help you with communication.

Using your account

How do I manage my account?
Your client account allows you to manage your profile. You can add, modify and delete machines, create and manage machine alerts, and find contact information for your Exapro agent. It’s also possible to find useful statistics about your machines on the dashboard. You can find your account at the top right corner of every Exapro page. Hold the cursor over your name and your account’s menu will appear.
What’s the purpose of the dashboard?
The dashboard allows you to find useful statistics about your machines:
  • Machines: the number of machines you currently have on Exapro.
  • Product Quality: the average quality of your offers, based on the amount of information provided.
  • Visits: the total number of visits to your machine ads.
  • Inquiries: the total number of inquiries about your machines.
You can have a precise overview of the location of your visitors with the world map: hold the cursor over the country to know how many visitors from this country have seen your machines. By clicking on the map, you can zoom in on the country you want to see.

On the right side of the map, you can find links to other parts of your client account, as well as the contact info of your agent.

Below the map, you can find a more precise summary of the visits and inquiries regarding your machines. On the left, you have the name and picture of your machine (click on the product to directly access it). Then, you can find the date your equipment was added. After that, you can check the number of visits for each of your machines, and the number of inquiries. Finally, you can discover the quality in % of each of your products.

Note that you can easily filter your searches (best to worst) by clicking on the two arrows just near Machine / Date added / Visits / Inquiries / Quality.


What is “product quality?”
Each machine is given a product quality score, This quality score is calculated based on how much information we have for each machine. The more information you give, the higher the quality score will be. For example, the following product information can give you a high quality score: -Year of manufacture -Technical data -Manufacturer -Price -Clear pictures -A complete description It is important to provide as many details as possible, so that the highest number of buyers will be able to find your machine using the filter system. Machines with a quality score of more than 75% are five times more likely to be sold.
What is “my machines?”
“My machines” provides direct access to your cataloged machines. Here, you can find details about all of your machines, such as price, location, manufacturer, date of availability, etc. You can modify all of these details by clicking on the small pen icon or completely deleting the product by clicking on the cross.
What are expired products?
Five months after being added, products are considered expired even if they are still published on the website. To keep the catalog up to date, we need to make sure that they are still available. To confirm the availability of your machine, you can use “confirm availability” or confirm all of your machines at once with the button “extend expired products.”
What is “my inquiries?”
In this section, you will find a summary and report of all of the available machines you have added.

The graph “Top countries” allows you to see which countries the applicants are from. “Client type” shows you what kind of clients are interested in your machines. On the dashboard, you can find a machine per machine report just below these graphs, showing you your machines, the inquiry date, the country of the inquirer, and his type.

Note that you can filter this data by using the two arrows just near Machine / Inquiry date / Country / Client type.
What are the alerts?
Set up automatic email notifications to be alerted as soon as the machine you want is available in our catalog. Create your alerts according to machine category, manufacturer, location, and the year or the model of the machine. How do I find and edit my profile and set up a password? Find, update and modify the information about your client profile such as your password, newsletter preferences, name, company, etc. Click on “Edit my profile” at the top of the page to update your personal information. How to contact my Exapro agent? Find the phone, fax, and email of your dedicated Exapro Agent.
How do I change my password?
If you want to change your password, log in and click on the menu tab Edit my profile. From there you can set up a new password by entering it twice and clicking Save.
How do I edit my contact details?
If your contact details have changed, you can edit them from your profile by logging in and clicking Edit my profile. Once you have made the changes, click Save and your profile will be updated.

Advantages of being an Exapro member

  • Add your machines for sale for free
  • Manage your offers (add, edit and delete)
  • Adjust your newsletter preferences
  • Inquire about machines without having to fill in your contact details
  • Have an Exapro agent assist you with selling your machines
  • Get the best of Exapro client's account

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