MAJA RVH 3000 Cold room

Year: 2014

Cooling capacity 0.34 kW

Royal frigo Cella surgelati royal frigo/dorin Cold room

Year: 2003

Negative cell including anti-cell and thermal shutter, dated but never used (see again cellophane in evaporators and thermal shutter, dorin motor with insulation and external fans, plus filtering system and controlled temperature maintenance for processing/packaging area with relative insulated panels, dorin motor independent, all en bloc with disassembly and collection to be paid by the buyer at a bargain price. …

Nantong Sinrofreeze

Year: 1997

Cooling capacity 33 kW

JDK, FRIGABON WTE-S2-HSN 7451-60 EKO.EL Cold room


Cooling capacity 80 kW
Temperature max -25 °

DSI H-20/12 Horizontal Plate Freezer

Year: 2013

Horizontal plate freezer Manufacturer: DSI Model: H-20/12 Year of manufacture: 2013 With 12 shelves each 1244 x 1618 mm Incl. curtain Incl. 232 pcs. freezing frames For ammonia

Insfret 6x10x6 Cold room

Year: 2012

Volume 360 L
Cooling capacity 28000 kW

ORELA Chambre froide Cold room

Year: 2021

Cooling capacity 1281 kW
Temperature max 4 °
Temperature Min -4 °

GPT Cold storage cell with floor insulation

Year: 2021

Temperature Min -20 °
Temperature max -1 °

ProFroid - Cold room


Used freezer in good condition To be dismantled and taken away Price negotiable

INTARCON MCR-CY 2033 Cold room

Year: 2021

Volume 15000 L
Cooling capacity 2 kW

Pecomark Cbb-1000 Cold room

Year: 2007

frozen camera for sale 8 meters long 3.5 meters wide 5 meters high Good capacity, it is very careful and like new Up-to-date maintenance It is sold due to transfer to another ship urgent

Systemate Numafa SVR600 60SR 13/155 Spiral Cooler

Year: 1999

Spiral Cooling Tower In good working condition, in use every day Complete with 4 sets of twin cooling fans Dimensions - diameter 4mtr x 3700mm high 17 floors, approx 200mm between floors 600mm wide mesh belt Video available of Spiral Cooler in use

Tucal A.H. Cold room

Year: 2015

Cooling capacity 97.5 kW
Temperature max -35 °
Temperature Min 35 °

Termofriger VACIO-15M Food machinery

Year: 2000

Volume 13600 L
Cooling capacity 33.95 kW

SIMAG SPR 165 Cold room

Year: ~ 2002

Volume 60 L
Cooling capacity 0.76 kW

Refrigeration system Zanotti USV004ER01F

Year: 2006

Volume 180000 L
Temperature Min -35 °
Cooling capacity 13.5 kW
Temperature max 100 °

Tecumseh 18 m3 Cold room

Year: 2012

Volume 18 L
Temperature Min 0 °
Cooling capacity 4.9 kW
Temperature max 8 °