SALVADE LAV Open width roller-typ washing line

Year: 1999

Filling weight 10000 kg
Heated Electricity

Miele PT 7501 EL Washing machine


Filling weight 20 kg
Heated Electricity

TECHFULL CO.,LTD. MYF2/600T Washing machine

Year: 2019


6,070 €

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CZ Czech Republic

TINARELLI line , ironing and packing tights

Year: 1998

Filling weight 3000 kg
Heated Electricity

Battistella PEGASO/A Pneumatic steaming dummy with 10 L boiler Low working hours

Year: 2014

Used Battistella PEGASO/A Pneumatic steaming dummy with 10 L boiler The machine is working perfectly. it has 300 working hours only Info from the manufacturer website + documentation attached Overall dimensions: 180x210x161 H cm Packaging: 4,6 m³ Weight: 250 Kg Pump power: 0,7 HP Superheater power: 2,0 W Blowing motor power: 1,75 HP Vacuum motor power: 3 HP Boiler capacity: …

Anglada Simplex Washing machine

Year: 1992

Filling weight 2000 kg
Heated Steam

RENZACCI HYGENA 12 SUN Washing machine


Fully functional washing machine complete with all components Optimal conditions

Techno-Dry KING 510 Washing machine

Year: 2001

Filling weight 25 kg
Heated Electricity

Washing machine Girbau HS 6013

Year: 2010

Filling weight 13 kg
Heated Electricity

Girbau HS 6013 Washing machine

Year: 2011

Filling weight 13 kg
Heated Electricity

UNION ML890/MD840 Washing machine

Year: 2013

Filling weight 40 kg
Heated Steam

Miele PW 6080 Washing machine

Year: 2012

Filling weight 9 kg
Heated Electricity