Edgebanding machine FELDER G 680

Year: 2015

Board thickness 60 mm
Edge thickness 6 mm

Used Optimat KDF 650 C double sided edgebander

Year: 2012

Board thickness 60 mm
Feed advance 14 m/min
Edge thickness 14 mm

CORMAK EBM800 double sided edgebander

Year: 2016

Board thickness 60 mm
Feed advance 10 m/min
Edge thickness 3 mm

IMA / BARGSTEDT Edge processing line double sided edgebander


Board thickness 3 mm
Feed advance 40 m/min
Edge thickness 3 mm
Glue tank Yes

Used Özanadolu KBM 1060 edge banding machine

Year: 2012

Edge banding machine head cutting unit milling scraping polishing dust extraction motor

Woodland machinery GB / T10850 double sided edgebander


Board thickness 50 mm
Edge thickness 3 mm

Used Balestrini Model Pico Round End Tenoner


Balestrini Pico Round End Tenoner Hourly Production: 600/700 Tenons Tenon Width: Max. 100 mm + Thickness Tenon Thickness: Max. 30 mm Tenon Depth: Max. 50 mm Table Tilt: Max. 20 Degrees Workpiece Fence Swiveling 45 Degrees Cutter Rotation 9000 RPM Cutter Motor 4HP Cycle Motor 1HP (2) Pneumatic Hold-Downs, One On Each Table

Brandt Optimat KD 78/ 2C

Year: 2001

Used Brandt OPTIMAT KD 78/ 2C Automatic Edge Bander with used Ligmatech ZHR 01/R/045 Return Conveyor. Edgebander equipped with a PC-16 Program Control with a 7.4" color LCD screen, 8 MB IDE Flash Disc 100 MHZ 486 DX4 Hard Drive, 8 MB RAM and internal modem for remote diagnostic link; with automatic height adjustment for top pressure beam with all …

Homag Optimat Kal 310/3/A3

Year: 2006

Description Homag Optimat KAL 310/3/A3 High speed, heavy production edge bander well maintained and working well. Suitable for applying tape only, not for thick edging or profiled corners. Feed speed to 30m/min End trimmers Top and bottom trimmers Glue line scrapers Buffers New controller. Spare glue pot. 2 coil tape feed. 480/3/60 electrics

Vitap Orbiter

Year: 2008

Used 2008 Vitap Orbiter Automatic Edgebanding Machine with Glue Pot and Trimming Station. Specifications: Detail of gluing device, with automatic feeder and vacuum working table. - Trimming unit with simultaneous lifting of the 2 motors by a manual lever - (PLC) touch screen to insert and select all functions - Tape holder and vacuum pump 50 mpa Capacity: 500mm-2400mm Minimum …

Brandt KDN-520/2

Year: 2004

Used Brandt Model KDN-520/2 Optimat Automatic Edge Bander; equipped with a PC-16 Program Control with color matrix LCD screen display, 8 MB Ram and manual push button controls or program control operation; with a digital height indicator; integrated line-control system; universal automatic magazine for strip and coil feeding; with a large coil table (8100mm diameter) to accommodate large coils of …

Homag KAL 210/7/A20/S2

Year: 2007

Description HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 ... Production Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding (4) Motor: Refurbished and upgraded in 2018. In addition to the standard EVA glue system the owner purchased newPUR equipment consisting of: Glue Pot, Nordson Pur-Blu Melter, 6 Rieppe application units to apply release ,anti-stick, anti-static and cleaning agent and the Nitrogen/PUR Gluepot Storage Tank system The machine …

Automatic Edgebanding Machine Biesse Stram B1 9.0, Ce


Description TECHNICAL FEATURES • Min panel width mm. 65 • Min panel lenght mm. 150 • Min thickness min mm. 10/60 • Edgeband thickness mm. 3 • Thickness of coiled edgeband mm.20 • Feed max 25 m/min • Automatic glue loading kit • Preheating unit - yes • Premilling - yes • Strip magazine 6 positions • End -trimming units …

2006 BIESSE AKRON 855 Edgebander W/ Premill and Corner Rounding - 19mm Max

Year: 2006

2006 BIESSE AKRON 855 Edgebander. -Computer Controlled Production Edgebander Features & Main Specifications: - Computer controlled interface for workstations with servos and pneumatic positioning devices. Programmable selections for "1 touch" changeover between edgebanding types and thicknesses. Edgebanding thickness, 0.4 - 19 mm capacity. Min. panel width 85 mm & min. length 140 mm, panel thickness 10 - 50 mm. Feed …



AUTOMATIC SINGLE-SIDED EDGE BANDING MACHINE WITH PUR GLUE Brand: Biesse Model: Roxyl 6.0, CE Year of construction: 2012 Conditions: Used TECHNICAL FEATURES Panel thickness mm. 10-60 Thickness of edge-banding material in rolls: mm. 0,4 - 3 Thickness of edge-banding material in strips: mm. 0,4 - 22 Feed speed: mt/min. 10 - 25 Total power installed: kw.22 Pneumatic connection: bar 7 …

Holz-Her 1447 Accord


PUR adhesive style edge-bander Ideal for gluing very large thick solid wood bands on door cores to make door styles General Specifications - 60 mm max. panel thickness - 66 mm max. edge strip height - 30 mm max. edge thickness - 140 mm min. panel length - (8 - 20) m/min. variable feed speed - 8” diameter, 1,500 CFM …

Scm Olimpic S220 Edge Bander

Year: 2001

Specifications: MFG year : 2001 3 Phase 230 V Features, Specifications, Dimensions & Weight data is approximate and to the best of our knowledge. Please call for more information.