STOCK Maschinenbau GmbH 134R56/1500P_E laminator

Year: 2007

laminating machine for sale in excellent condition and fully functional

Tunkers Vorwarts S 1100 litho laminator - completely refurbished Hot deal

Year: 1996

Max. paper length 110 cm
Min. paper length 20 cm
Max sheets/hour 1500
Max. paper width 140 cm
Min. paper width 80 cm

Konfi Delta 52 laminator

Year: 2013

Max. paper length 54 cm
Min. paper length 20 cm
Max. paper width 76 cm
Min. paper width 20 cm

Bagels System Minilam B3 laminator

Year: 2018

Max. paper length 38 cm
Min. paper length 21 cm
Max. paper width 70 cm
Min. paper width 29.7 cm

MGI PressCard Pro laminator

Year: 2017

Max. paper length 33 cm
Max sheets/hour 2400
Max. paper width 48.2 cm

Used Lamina 1110 FA laminator

Year: 2001

Max. paper length 105 cm
Min. paper length 35 cm
Max. paper width 110 cm
Min. paper width 20 cm

Semi automatic flute laminator

Year: 2022

Max. paper length 130 cm
Min. paper length 40 cm
Max. paper width 130 cm
Min. paper width 40 cm

Laminating machine KOMFI AMIGA

Year: 2007

Type: AMIGA Producer: KOMFI Made in: 2007 Characteristic: Hours on: 578 h Equipment: Replacement heating coil Lower pressure roller Rear traction roller Compressor BECKER

zhenghou guolian machinery co GL-1000J-10 laminator

Year: 2017

GL-1000J-10 Coating Laminating Machine Water-based acrylic adhesive coating Length 15mt-Width 1.30mt-Height 2.40mt Power 45Kw Vomited Coating: 10-20 m/min Cladding width: 1000mm 1-unwinding diameter 800mm 2—unwinding diameter 1300mm Rewind diameter 1000mm Furnace length: 5m/unit, 2 units Electric heating With standard accessories

Ding Shung Aspira CS-1616 High Speed Servo Litho Laminator

Year: 2016

Max. paper length 165 cm
Min. paper length 55 cm
Max sheets/hour 8000
Max. paper width 165 cm
Min. paper width 55 cm

China YFML 720 laminator

Year: 2007

Max. paper length 600 cm
Max. paper width 1040 cm

Cellcoat - Lamtex Emerald - E76 Laminating machine / Film to sheet

Year: 2003

Max. paper length 76 cm
Max. paper width 102 cm

Tünkers S-1100 - Laminator - paper over board

Year: 2019

Laminator - paper over board Make Tùnkers Model S-1100 Year 2019 Workingwidth 1100 mm Substrate Feeder automatic suction feeder Tunkers HKM1100S, improved feeder over the original Laminate Feeder by hand Details with pressing roll, with pressing belt, with touch screen operations Delivery downstacker

Foliant 520 HP Laminating machine / Film to sheet

Year: 1990

Max. paper length 52 cm
Min. paper length 20 cm
Max. paper width 75 cm
Min. paper width 30 cm

Vivid Matrix 370


Laminating machine / Film to sheet Make Vivid Model Matrix 370 Year unknown Max size 340 x 750 mm Details manual feed, automatic seperation of the sheets by cut&tear Production output 10 meters per minute

Tunkers D4030 RATINGEN laminator

Year: 1992

Max. paper length 110 cm
Min. paper length 20 cm
Max sheets/hour 2800
Max. paper width 140 cm
Min. paper width 80 cm

Beijing Fulei Industrial & commercial Co BU-1600RFZ laminator

Year: 2007

The laminator works, heats and scrolls both ways. Shafts are damaged.

Tunkers 1000 x 1400 mm laminator

Year: 1984

Max. paper length 1000 cm
Min. paper length 200 cm
Max sheets/hour 1500
Max. paper width 1400 cm
Min. paper width 280 cm