Seydelmann ME130 Grinder

Year: ~ 2010

Diameter of Mouth/opening 130 mm
Capacity 100 kg

Carnitech 3115 Grinder

Year: 2005

Diameter of Mouth/opening 256 mm

PSS SG-200 Grinder

Year: 2013

PSS SG-200 meat grinder year mod 2013. Associated tool trolley with accessories & extra feed screw. Capacity 4000-8000 kg / hour. Extra magazine for product and swing arm for easier installation of screws. Dimensions 270 x 165 cm H 220 cm.

Butcher Boy AU56 Grinder

Year: 1999

Diameter of Mouth/opening 140 mm
Capacity 80 kg

6,750 €

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GB United Kingdom

Mainca PM-98L Meat Grinder

Year: 1997

Diameter of Mouth/opening 2.2 mm
Capacity 800 kg

Kramer and Grebe Wolf 114 Grinder


Diameter of Mouth/opening 110 mm
Capacity 100 kg

6,180 €

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GB United Kingdom

Mixer-grinder with loader Velati 1000 litres 180mm


Diameter of Mouth/opening 180 mm
Capacity 5000 kg

Weiler SH 11 Grinder Hot deal

Year: 2012

Diameter of Mouth/opening 279 mm
Capacity 1460 kg

LASKA WMW 1680 Grinder

Year: 2004

Diameter of Mouth/opening 160 mm

Wolfking C400 Grinder

Year: ~ 1998

Diameter of Mouth/opening 400 mm

CFS Combo Grind 1500/250 Grinder

Year: 2002

Mixer Grinder Make: CFS Model: Combo Grind 1500/250 Built 2002 59 kW Full working order

Talsa W114 Grinder

Year: 2013

Diameter of Mouth/opening 114 mm
Capacity 1200 kg

Hobart 4356 Mixer Grinder

Year: 1995

Hobart 4356 Mixer Grinder. Model: 4356 Capacity/Chamber size: 400ltr Category: Mixer/Grinder Condition: Used. Good working order. Year of manufacture: 1995 (Approx) Mixer grinder. The product is fed into the top chamber where the paddles mix the product. It is then moved onto the screw and through the mince head where the minced product is produced. Can mix fish, meat, and …

8,000 €

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GB United Kingdom

Meissner GW 130-2 Grinder


Meissner GW 130-2 angle grinder with 2x speeds on both screws. Stainless steel mill housing including mill screws. Dimensions 120 x 110 cm H 120 cm.

SEPAmatic Sepa 2000 Grinder

Year: 2000

Capacity 8000 kg

Wolfking C-200 UNI Grinder


Diameter of Mouth/opening 200 mm

Seydelmann PU 201 Grinder

Year: 2000

Capacity 6000 kg

Kramer Grebe Auto wolf 114 model D Grinder


Diameter of Mouth/opening 114 mm
Capacity 2000 kg