SCM T130 class Wood milling machine

Year: 2002

SCM T130 class CNC spindle moulder, including numerical drive, 99 programs, new main spindle bearing, 5 spindles pneumatically exchangeable, + guide for working on the spindle, price excluding VAT.

Used Poewels DEF 100 Wood milling machine

Year: 2011

Stair stringer milling machine Pouwels DEF 100. from 2011 Milling length 2.100 mm Milling width 900 mm Clearance height 150 mm Number of units 1 Stationary machine version Table length 2,400 mm Table can be swivelled by 65 ° Aggregate rotatable by 90 ° Main motor 4 kW Grooving and drilling unit Copying device Laser direction light Single laser CE …

BULLERI BREVETTI MOD BETA 6 S Wood milling machine

Year: 1997

X axis 2300 mm
Z axis 200 mm
Y axis 1000 mm

Centauro ALFA Wood milling machine

Year: 2009

X axis 71120.00007 mm
Z axis 150 mm
Table width 190 mm
Y axis 400 mm
Table length 190 mm
Spindle Ø 80 mm

FRIULMAC IDRAMAT Wood milling machine Hot deal

Year: 2012

FRIULMAC IDRAMAT with full automation (Kuka robot). 1. Formatting the strip 2. Face drilling 3. CNC milling in two axles 4. CNC milling in two axes 5. Dowelling 6. Milling along the element. Element length min-max. 250-2500mm Element width 30-200 mm Element thickness - 12-50 mm

Woodworking modeling milling machine TOS FMA - U

Year: 1973

Type: FMA - U Producer: TOS Made in: 1973 Characteristic: Length of the table: 1400 mm Width of the table: 800 mm Spindle taper: Morse 4 Weight: 4200 kg Longitudinal movement of the table (manual): 1500 mm Longitudinal movement of the table (mechanicela): 1480 mm Lateral movement of the table (manual): 900 mm Lateral movement of the table (mechanical): 880mm …

TOS SVITAVY FMA U Wood milling machine Hot deal

Year: 1974

We have a used TOS Fma U wood milling machine for sale

SCM Record 125 || Wood milling machine in excellent condition

Year: 2005

X axis 3400 mm
Z axis 400 mm
Table width 1200 mm
Y axis 1720 mm
Table length 3050 mm

3D CNC 2130 2x3 M Wood milling machine

Year: 2014

X axis 3000 mm
Engine power 4.5 kW
Y axis 2100 mm

MODISO F4 Wood milling machine

Year: 2009

The milling equipment is assembled from the following parts: 1. Input roller conveyor folded length 9000 mm and width 300 mm 2. Milling aggregate 4-unit with clamps and control panel 3. Drilling aggregate horizontal 4. Output roller conveyor with stops folded length 9000 mm and width 300 mm The milling and drilling unit is designed for the production of board …

Used STEGHERR KSF – 2 / E – 4 mit CNC-Steuerung Wood milling machine


Table length 4050 mm
Engine power 4 kW
Table width 1000 mm

mecanumeric M1530SL Wood milling machine

Year: 2001

X axis 3000 mm
Y axis 1500 mm

Cnc Infotec 660 SQ Wood milling machine

Year: 2017

X axis 600 mm
Z axis 150 mm
Y axis 600 mm

Weinig Unicontrol 10 Wood window/door/profile planer – milling machine


Working width min. 25 mm, max. 220mm Working height min. 30 mm, max. 110 mm Workpiece length min. 220 mm, max. 2600 mm Saw motor 3 kW Saw spindle revolutions 2800 rev/min-1 Spindle dia. 40 mm Max. saw disc dia. 350 mm Lifting spindle motor 7,5 kW Lifting spindle revolutions 3500 rev/min-1 Spindle dia 40/50 mm Max. span height 240/300 …

IMAR FP CN Wood milling machine

Year: 2007

X axis 2400 mm
Engine power 1.1 kW

CAMAM GC6/1F-2L Wood milling machine

Year: 2006

Table length 1000 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW
Table width 1000 mm