G&N MPS R40020 Wafer machine

Year: 2011

Thinning machine for silicon wafers up to 12 inches and other semiconductor materials Documentation 200 mm and 100 mm platens. Grinding wheels available.

Karl Suss PA-200 SemiAutomatic Probe System


SemiAutomatic Probe System Karl Suss PA 200 with anti-vibration table including 3 units of Karl Suss Manual High Frequency Probe Head (PH250HF) with probe arm and probe head plus 1 unit spare XYZ Edmund Optic Micro Positioners. DESCRIPTION The SUSS PA200 Semiautomatic Probe System is very stable, modular and flexible probe systems for wafers and substrates up to 200 mm …

Karl Suss/CASCADE MICROTECH PA-200HS Semiautomatic Probe System


Semiautomatic Probe System Cascade Microtech/Prober/Karl Suss K&S PA200HS Include 4 unit of XYZ Prober Cascade Micro Positioner, Probe Arm and Prober Holder and Isolation Table DESCRIPTION The SUSS PA200 Semiautomatic Probe System is very stable, modular and flexible probe systems for wafers and substrates up to 200 mm (8). The standard ProberBench® Operating System provides ease of use and programmed …

Disco DFD 641 Dicing Saw Wafer machine

Year: 2000

DIsco DFD 641 Dicing Saw Refurbished condition, Sold in good working condition

Part of Krones labeling station

Year: 2016

Part of KRONES labelling station X (LS X),USED

Applied Materials PRODUCER SE Wafer machine

Year: 2002

Tool Status Running Wafers Wafer Size 300 mm Fab Section Thin Film Asset Description Producer SE mainframe & 3 chambers Software Version B3.9_56 CIM SECS, GEM Process BD i, BD i, BDIIx Hardware Configuration (fab): Main System Producer SE - 1 Handler System 2 FI robots & 1 MF robot - 3 Factory Interface FOUP - 2 Hardware Configuration (subfab/ …

Hitachi RS-6000 Wafer machine

Year: 2014

Hitachi (Semiconductor) RS-6000 SEM - Defect Review (DR) Currently Configured for 300mm wafer size MFG Date: 25-Jul-14 EQUIPMENT DETAILS: Model: RS6000E with Options iPQ Function A-1 RS6000E VR25 Main System (300mmWafer Use, AC208V/60Hz) including: - 2 Wafer Holders(for 300mm) - ADR (Auto Defect Review) Function - 3 Kinds of Image acquiring system - SE/Left/Right Image - Optical Microscope ( for …

Canon fpa-1550m4w Wafer machine

Year: 1995

Canon fpa-1550m4w 1995 Wafer size 6

Rigaku MFM310 Wafer machine


Rigaku MFM310 X-ray Reflectivity (XRR) Currently Configured for 300mm wafer size EQUIPMENT DETAILS: 1. Automatic Wafer handling robot system with 200mm and 300mm wafer handling capability and wafer pre-aligner. 2 . Two 300mm FOUP load ports with FOUP ID readers and control software. 3. X-ray generator and Cu COLORS beam module for XRR and XRF measurements. 4. X-ray generator and …

Hitachi Kokusai Electric VR-120S Wafer machine

Year: 2000

Hitachi Kokusai Electric VR-120S 2000 Wafer size 12

KLA WaferSight Wafer machine

Year: 2005

Wafer Characterization Metrology Equipment Currently Configured for: 300mm Asset HDD not included Wafer Characterization WAFS001 KLAT WAFERSITE SHAPE/FLATNESS Status: Tool was shut down and moved to a storage location on site. Configuration: Audit to verify. Standard System Configuration Double-sided interferometric flatness and shape gauge Semi M49 mode 2mm capacitance probe emulation mode Capacitive thickness gauging with traceable auto-mastering block Wafer …



APPLIED MICROSTRUCTURES INC MVD 100 The MVD 100 is a useful tool for depositing monolayers of organosilanes. It can be used to create highly hydrophobic surfaces, antifouling surfaces and biofunctionalized surfaces. A list of the monolayer deposition processes used in the system can be found on the tool’s web page. The operation of the system is fairly simple. The tool …

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