GOM Nikon EOS 5Dsr Measuring unit

Year: 2021

Mobile measuring system The portable TRITOP CMM system measures the coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and accurately. Measurement tasks that have traditionally been performed by touch-based 3D CMMs can now be easily performed with the TRITOP CMM system. It does not require any complex, heavy and high-maintenance hardware. The measuring machine arrives at the object. As with touch coordinate measuring …

Wireless Laser Tracker OmniTrac 2-50

Year: 2018

Specifications Type: 2-50 Producer: OmniTrac Made in: 2018 Characteristic: Software: Touch DMIS Linear Range (diameter): 50 (100) m Minimum Measurement Distance: 0 m Machine height: 430 mm Machine length: 198 mm Machine width: 198 mm Machine weight: 10.9 kg

Leica Geosystems LTD 800 + LT Controller

Year: 2003

Leica Geosystem LTD800 Sensor, which includes LT Controller and 2 tracker Cables. Sensor in carry box. P/N LTD 800 - 575 888 ( 2003 ) P/N LT Controller - 575 923 ( 2003 ) P/N Tracker cables - 575 488 NEGOTIABLE ON PRICE

VICIVISION M918 Techno Measuring unit

Year: 2019

Optical measuring machine Measuring range: 900x180 mm Max. dimension of the part: 925x240 mm Max. weight of the part: 60 kg

Hexagon Dea Global Classic 3D CMM Measuring Unit Low working hours

Year: 2019

Hexagon Dea Global Classic 3D CMM Measuring Unit Machine is like new condition Machine has been used 40 hours. All tools come with the machine GLOBAL Classic 09.15.08 • DC241 Controller (IP54 protection) • Jog-Box (NJB) • HH-AS8-T5° Automatic Probe Head • HP-TM Touch Trigger Probe kit • Styli Kit # 7 • Ceramic Calibration Sphere Ø 15 mm • …

Mistral DEA 100707 Measuring unit


5-axis measuring machine - MISTRAL DEA 100707 New software (loading and analysis of 3D models) - PC-DMIS Measuring range (mm): X 1.000 - Y 660 - Z 660 Accuracy (micron, L in mm): 4.5 + 5 * L / 1000 (18 - 22 ° C) the machine has run very little (about 15 hours in the last 10 years).

FaroArm Fusion Measuring arm

Year: 2017

FaroArm Fusion Measuring arm Length : 2400 mm Number of axis : 6 FaroArm Fusion Bluetooth Standard Probe kit (3mm & 6mm) CAM2 Measure 10 - Probing version software Machine is in excellent condition

Wenzel LH87 3D Measuring Unit

Year: 2010

Wenzel LH87 3D Measuring Unit Calibration done Upgrade in 2021 Machine is in very good condition Windows 10 Pro system 2021 Quartis Measuring program Steel mould modules are included 1500X800X700 Piece weight : 2 Ton Pleyt size: 2300X1300.

Nikon LK Integra 10-7-6 3D CMM Coordinate Measuring Unit

Year: 2014

Nikon LK Integra 10-7-6 3D CMM Coordinate Measuring Unit X: 800 Y: 700 Z: 500 Ø1X40 and Ø4X50 2

ZEISS Eclipse Measuring unit

Year: 2001

This ZEISS Eclipse Measuring machine was manufactured in the year 2001 in Germany. It is equipped with a ZEISS control unit. CNC: ZEISS

Mitutoyo Euro C 9166 CMM

Year: 2000

CMM Mitutoyo Euro C 9166 Year : 2000 X: 900 mm Y: 1600 mm Z: 600 mm MCOSMOS v3.5 R2 TP20 Prob System

Trimek Land 28.16.18 3D measuring unit


3D measuring unit Brand: Trimek Model: Land 28.16.18 Travels: 2800x1600x1800 mm Recently calibrated Certified with recent software, everything in work order You just have to change the owner

Mitutoyo BHN 710 CMM Hot deal

Year: 2000

Mitutoyo BHN 710 CMM 700X1000X600 mm Renishaw cnc automatic turning head and probe MCOSMOS V2,4 software

Coord3 EOS CMM Measuring Unit

Year: 2005

Coord3 EOS CMM Measuring Unit 500x400x400 The machine has been revised 2 years ago New control system and joystick have been adapted Software is Capps dmis advence and it is new version The probe on it is MH8, which can be rotated manually Can be used with different force modules mh8 + tp20 probe body + tp20 standard force The …

KEYENCE IM-7030 Measuring unit

Year: 2021

KEYENCE IM-7030 Imaging Dimensional Measurement System from 03/2021155 Perfect condition. Supplied with KEYENCE IM-7500 controller. Measurement video on request. Commissioning date 03/2021. - functional automatic measurement - allows the automatic measurement of parts up to 300x200 mm accuracy 11 µm on X axis and 9 µm on Y axis

Artec Eva 3d scanner Low working hours

Year: 2015

Artec Eva (used) Serial number EV.30.59635892 Fast 3D scanner for professionals Without any traces of usage. Normal recommended retailprice: 13.700 euro, excl. vat, excl import fees and additional costs Specifications see www.artec3d.com https://www.artec3d.com/portable-3d-scanners/artec-eva Also included: rtec Eva hard case Power supply Eva usb cable Not included: Software: Artec Studio 17 For specifications and prices please visit: https://www.artec3d.com/3d-software/artec-studio Can also be …

Faro TRACKER VANTAGE E Measuring unit

Year: 2017

LASER TRACKER VANTAGE E (2017)+ TRIPOD + PDA (only what you see in the photos) last calibration in 2019-2020 Ready to work. It does not have software or reflectors, if necessary it will be offered separately.

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex Measuring Unit

Year: 2005

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex Measuring Unit Machine is in good condition

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S 776 Measuring unit

Year: 2017

The MITUTOYO CRYSTA-Apex S 776 coordinate measuring machine, manufactured in Japan in 2017, is designed to perform extremely accurate measurements of details using the contact or non-contact method. The stable structure of the machine, high-quality components and high measurement speed, up to 8 mm / s, guarantee the best results of the measured elements. The CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) has …