Orientaldata SPW-C Flexo printing machine

Year: ~ 2016

Steck printing machine. 6 colors, paper passage 1020, max printing light 950 6 Printing development cylinders available in various sizes, diameter 30/34/36/40750/54. 6 aniloxes of 100 lines

WEBTRON 750 Flexo printing machine

Year: 1997

Colours nb 5
Printing width 165.1 mm

OMET Varyflex VF420 FP 9 color Flexo printing machine Hot deal

Year: 2004

Colours nb 9
Web width 420 mm
Unwinder diameter 1000 mm
Printing width 405 mm
Speed 150 m/min

Bielomatik P981- ruling machine

Year: 1977

Printing width 1120 mm
Speed 300 m/min
Web width 1130 mm

ZBS 520 Flexo Printing Machine

Year: 2014

Colours nb 6
Web width 560 mm
Unwinder diameter 1000 mm
Printing width 550 mm
Speed 60 m/min
Gearless Yes

KODAK Flexcel NX Wide-C /TSL Low working hours

Year: 2017

KODAK Flexcel NX Wide-C /TSL Equipment and supporting devices: - KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide-C Imager - exposition unit based on KODAK SquareSpot thermal exposition laser system with dynamic autofocus - KODAK FLEXCEN NX Wide Laminator -unit for lamination of exposed TIL onto Kodak NXH plate, delivered with two tables for manipulation. Support for plates up to 1067x1524 and smaller - …

flexotecnica prisma flexotecnica prisma Flexo printing machine Hot deal

Year: 1996

Colours nb 6
Web width 1100 mm
Unwinder diameter 1100 mm
Printing width 1000 mm
Speed 260 m/min
Gearless No

Used PlateRite FX1524N Flexo letterpress CTP

Year: 2013

PlateRite FX1524N Flexo letterpress CTP Provides higher quality and efficiency for flexo & letterpress printing The PlateRite FX series are high-quality, easy to use, reliable CtP recorders that offer optimal flexo/letterpress plate output for printing and prepress companies. They can image the black mask layer of photopolymer plates directly, thereby eliminating the need for film and other intermediate processing. The …


Year: 2015


Lombardi Flexo Flexo printing machine

Year: 2019

Colours nb 7
Printing width 350 mm

Fuji Acuity LED 3200 R Flexo printing machine

Year: 2017

Printing width 3200 mm
Web width 1520 mm

ETIRAMA MID FLEX 160 Flexo printing machine

Year: 2003

ETIRAMA FLEXOGRAPHIC MACHINE 100% Operational and Functional Ready to Build machine width 3 printing units 2 winding shafts 1 unwind shaft 3 Anilox 2 sets of cylinders Center Drum Tunnel drying with light and nickeline Works under Water and Solvent based inks

Used Nilpeter FA 3300 Flexo printing machine

Year: 2002

Colours nb 8
Corona treatment Yes

Uteco GOLD Flexo printing machine

Year: 1992

Colours nb 6
Printing width 680 mm

Used Gallus EM 280 Flexo printing machine

Year: 1998

Colours nb 6
Printing width 280 mm

Uteco Amber 608 6x Colour CI Press

Year: 1996

Colours nb 6
Web width 1450 mm
Unwinder diameter 800 mm
Printing width 1400 mm
Speed 250 m/min
Gearless No

CMR Rotospeed 3000 Rotogravure

Year: 1997

Colours nb 8
Web width 830 mm
Printing width 820 mm
Speed 250 m/min

Nordmeccanica CMF Flexo printing machine

Year: 1999

Colours nb 6
Web width 1010 mm
Printing width 1000 mm
Speed 300 m/min

W&H QMS 992


Colours nb 3
Web width 900 mm
Gearless No
Printing width 850 mm
Speed 200 m/min
Corona treatment No