IXAPACK GLOBAL D4296 Bakery machine

Year: 2021

Sell semi auto star divider still in operation and available from week 10. Commissioning in April 2021 Cutting of a multitude of cheeses without changing tools Possibility to cut loins into slices Easy access to the machine Cut from 1/2 to 1/32 of the wheel

ROMILL EX 50 food extruder

Year: 2019

Single-screw food extruder for corn processing

Bakery ovenTERMOTEHNIKA 8 for bread

Year: 2018

bakery oven TERMTEHNIKA 8, year of manufacture 2018 (like new) and 2xcarts with 24 appliances. Pellet burner of 160 kw with electronics for a multi-level oven.

Industrial cone machine Hot deal

Year: 2019

Fully automatic cone production machine with two chambers. It was produced in 2019. It is for sale as we are renewing our production line. A 75 lt boiler can produce 4,800 cones in 90 minutes. Mold is honeycomb cornet The operation is with electricity and the system works as pneumatic.

Record Jaguar Bakery machine

Year: 1998

Flowpack packaging machine brand Record and Jaguar model with lot and expiry marker. The machine can also work with printed film as it has a notch reader. Very good condition with little electronics on board and therefore easy to maintain.

HAAS EWB 1/1 Bakery machine

Year: ~ 1990

For hollow/filled wafer sticks capacity: dry wafel roll up to 60 kg/8 hrs, filled wafer roll up to 110 kg/8 hrs rotary drum speed 2,5 up to 3,5 rpm diameter of wafer rolls adjustable by using exchangeable complets of spigots wafer thickness manually adjustable wafel roll length adjustable 50 up to 220 mm fuel supply: LNG or LPG (two possibilities) …

IBONHART 5ISLICER Bakery machine

Year: 2004

IBONHART 5ISLICER bread slicer 1000 pcs per hour Model: 5ISLICER Year of manufacture: 1/02/2004 Serial No.: 2346

Roll-in Vision JF80 Bakery machine

Year: 2022

Vision JF80 Roll-in RETARDANT PROOF CABINET 2022. Used 6 months, almost new. For sale due to ceased activity. Vision JF80 Plug-In multifunctional retarder-proofer cabinet for 1 EN60x80 trolley, 1 door, heavy duty climate class 5 and R452a refrigerant gas. 7" touch screen, drain, LED strip lighting. Temperature range - 6°+40°C, it is equipped with the following functions: retarder prover, manual …

Pietro Berto Gam 1.3 m Bakery machine

Year: 2005

Ciabate divider brand Pietro Berto model GAM 1.3 m

Turbo depositor


Turbo Systems Stainless Steel Depositor D900. Capacity: 25kg Hopper Condition: Used. Good working order Line name: D900 Height can be adjusted. Variable speed. Foot pedal operated. Depositing fixed-weight portions, liquids, or semi-soft foods. E.g. Pates, moose, pet food mixes into pots, trays, bags, or bottles. Please note for UK sales 20% VAT will be added to the price.

4,400 €

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GB United Kingdom

tecnopack Sistemblock LS/T1 Bakery machine

Year: 2001

Tecnopack Sistemblock LS / T1 packaging machine in perfect working order.

Sottoriva C/600 Bakery machine

Year: 1996

Sottoriva former working and in excellent condition. Model C / 600

Urschel 3600 Comitrol Bakery machine


Urschel 3600 Comitrol Stainless, 100l hopper, screw fed, previously used for biscuit breaking, 10Kw motor, on mobile frame, 3Ph

Kornfeil Ekoblok III verze Bakery machine

Year: 2009

We will sell a fully functional eco-block. Produced by Kornfeil Ecoblock serves to save heat DEVICE FOR EFFICIENT USE OF WASTE HEAT. How to make the operation of the bakery as efficient as possible without energy losses? With the EkoBlok Bypass device, you can not only save up to 25% on input energy for baking products, regulate steam and flue …

coudert MASSILLY Bakery machine

Year: 2019

9 heads dosing machine COUDERT MASSILLY + conveyor Used 1 year for production of candy pastes. Date of 2019. Parameterization by touch screen. 9 heads. Automatic tensioning conveyor. Date of 2019. passage for gastro grid 40x60 Purchased 76000€ HT in 2019. as a straightening machine.

GHD Georg Hartmann VBA 40 Bakery machine

Year: 2006

Hartmann-Clip / Clipping Machine Manufacturer GHD Georg Hartmann Model VBA 40 Year of construction 2006 Weight 700 kg Rated Current Amps 9/5 Power consumption 2.5 kW Frequency 50 Hz

Bakery machine - other Fritsch APJ 200/560

Year: 2002

line length 15m with laminator year 2002

SANDOR MODELO LB 750/500/25 SANDOR Bakery machine

Year: 2006

TRAY CLEANER MODEL LB 750/500/25 SANDOR For all kinds of perforated, corrugated or smooth bakery or pastry trays, with 1, 2, 3 and 4 edges or tabs. Cleaning is done by a battery of vertical brushes. The machine has 4 steerable wheels (2 with brakes on the wheel and axle). The cleaning residues are collected in a drawer that incorporates …

FLAMIC SF600 Bakery machine

Year: 2015

The machine is used to roll out the dough into sheets in the production of puff pastry and puff pastry. The speed of the conveyor belts can be individually regulated and their operation is controlled by a hand lever or pedals. variable speed conveyor belts belt reverse operated by hand lever and/or pedal manual adjustment of dough thickness easily removable …

5,650 €

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CZ Czech Republic

FIBOSA 2000 Bakery machinery Hot deal

Year: 2000

MODULAR BAKERY 6 tons per day of bread, 9 containers, 20 feet outer dimensions of the container 6058 length, 2438 width, 2896 height, building 12 by 12 meters, gable roof. . total area 134.9 sq. m ;, Equipment list: 1.Water barrels capacity 150 l / h DI / WM-D - 150 2.Dough mixer complete with a bowl, bowl capacity 120 …