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Launched in 2001, Financialexpress.com is the digital arm of the Financial Express, one of India’s most coveted business newspapers from The Indian Express Group. Financialexpress.com ‘s content coverage goes beyond just regular business news, encompassing the softer side of business with influencing factors from happenings in politics to entertainment to sports.
Financialexpress.com ‘s 360-degree news coverage with a business angle, allows readers to develop a holistic view of their domain. This is crucial in a field where timely information can significantly impact investment decisions, policy analysis, and business strategies.
Commentary from renowned industry experts, economists and analysts helps shape the thought process of readers, turning them into leaders in their field. The audience for Financialexpress.com shows a wide affinity for the finer aspects of business and lifestyle content, with a global perspective. This includes in-depth reports, features, market analyses, and sector-specific coverage, offering a comprehensive understanding of the financial and business world
Supplementing the holistic coverage of Financialexpress.com are various engagement initiatives with the audience through summits, webinars and roundtables, bringing together today’s top decision-makers in the country and tomorrow’s leaders.
Financialexpress.com is optimised to deliver your news to you wherever you go, from mobile-friendly content to desktops and tablets. Readers can access their favourite pages wherever they are seamlessly
There are a whole host of tools available on Financialexpress.com such as stock market charts with in-depth analysis, quick data access for popular services such as postal pin codes or IFSC codes in banking, data on the latest cars and bikes, commodity prices, fuel prices and more.
Content from the site can be customised to readers’ tastes and accessed through newsletters, Whatsapp communities, and the app, besides all other social media channels. With its experienced base of journalists, the team at FinancialExpress.com is committed to delivering accurate, unbiased, quality content in keeping with the Indian Express Group’s commitment of “Journalism of Courage”, so that readers can continue to “Read to Lead”.

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