Various Line for the production of cardboard angles Paper machine

Year: 2015

Used machinery, which includes production lines for the production of paper angles and sleeves, and a slitter rewinder for cutting reels from paper bales. Machines purchased in 2015, fully complete and functional. 1. LINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CARDBOARD ANGLES MODEL PL-120G SPECIFICATION: Model: PL-120G L size (mm): 25⁓100 (symmetrical or asymmetrical) Thickness (mm): standard 2.5⁓6mm, optional up to 8mm …

Türkiye Ema UV-IR Paper machine

Year: 2004

150 cm x 900 cm Drying UV-IR Together Machine Size: 200 cm x 900 cm

SCODIX ULTRA Pro Paper machine

Year: 2016

La prensa digital Scodix Ultra Pro es el sistema de producción de mejora más productivo disponible. Diseñado específicamente para PSP comerciales y convertidores de cartón plegable, produce mejoras tangibles de manera eficiente para una amplia variedad de aplicaciones, que incluyen literatura de marketing, artículos de papelería, portadas de libros, cajas y paquetes premium, tarjetas de felicitación, álbumes de fotos con …

Crathern & Smith / Perondi IA630

Year: 1989

Rigid box making line Crathern & Smith / Perondi fully automatic rigid box making line Make Crathern & Smith / Perondi Model IA630 Year 1989 Blank size min: 100 x 120 / max: 450 x 880 mm Cover material weights 80-140 grams Box size min: 50 x 125 / max 400 x 600 mm Box height 12 to 120 mm …

Elcos Double head

Year: 1990

Double head paperdriller Make Elcos Model Double head Year 1990´s Details 2 head paper driller with adjustable heads Drill distance 45 - 150 mm Space behind drill heads 100 mm Operation Lever operated, single phase 240 Volts Available Direct

Hang 100DTK4

Year: 1975

Four head paperdriller Make Hang Model 106DTK4 Year 1975 Details 4 head paper driller with adjustable drilling heads Operation Electric footswitch, 2 speed Available Direct

Ciudad de Guatemala S75 Paper machine


Scodix SENSE™ the innovative digitally enhanced print experience Produced on the Scodix S-series digital press, it provides a new look and feel. tangible dimension to the printed image of graphic communications, creating an attractive and unforgettable experience. BE THE DIFFERENCE FROM OTHERS Touching the SENSES with an impression that stands out, Scodix SENSE™ leaves a enduring footprint and provides true …

Used HTB-Harrier - Trailing edge feeder for single arch and shed system

Year: 2007

Technical Details Brand Rodwell-HTB Ltd Modell:Harrier Manufacturing year: 2007 Fully operational

Arvor 471L Plastic machine

Year: 1976

Nice little bag machine Arvor 471L works very well despite being 47 years old max width 450mm max length 500mm mini according to your knowledge can also make bags and printed formats marked new brake and clutch. Power supply tri 380 + N + compressed air

Blumer Atlas D-18 Label punching

Year: 1989

BLUMER ATLAS D-18 automatic label cutting machine from 1989, particularly stable and compact with electro-hydraulic control, small footprint, high performance, for stamping labels, for shaped cuts of all shapes in paper, cardboard, sheets of plastic or metal. Suitable for both large and small runs. Safe electric control, mounted in the machine in a hermetically sealed cabinet, electronic stroker to adjust …

Hang 107-30 Paper drilling machine

Year: 1995

Paper drilling machine HANG 107-30 year 1995, 4 heads The highest class of machines among drills. This is a currently produced model. The drill table is adjustable in every plane. Waste directed to an external container. Controlled by an electric foot switch. Each of the heads has an independent adjustment which allows the use of drills of different lengths. The …

Grafitti Graphics PG1 jigsaw puzzle cutting Low working hours

Year: 2008

I am selling a jigsaw puzzle cutting machine for anyone who wants to start selling personalised jigsaws; (the machine makes up to A3 size). I also sell the associated cutting forms (10*15, A4 48 pieces, A3 99 pieces and cutting forms for children's puzzles). Real opportunity for those who want to start their own business The machine was made in …

Duplo Ultra 205A Automatic UV-coater

Year: 2010

Make Duplo Model Ultra 205A Year 2010 Min size 210 x 297 mm Max size 521 x 710 mm Substrates 120 - 350 grams Speed 10-40 Meters per minute (roughly up to 4.500 A3 sheets per hour) Feeder SF-205 Automatic suction feeder Details batch counter, cleaning function, air knife, touch screen controls, set up by the computer

Bacciottini ROL 70 rotary creasing & perforating machine

Year: 1999

Bacciottini ROL 70 Year 1999 Working width 120 - 700 mm Working length: 100 - 600 mm substrates: 80-600 grams Vacuüm sheet feeder, non stop top feeding comes with some tools

Krause Creasing machine for board

Year: 1960

Make Krause Model Creasing machine Creasing length 100 cm Creasing depth adjustable/variable Creasing span adjustable-variable Creasing thickness possible up to 4 mm board Details will be equipped with motor and start-stop circuit after order, extremely heavy duty machine, built to last for many years to come Available Direct

Paper bag machine Fischer Krecke 13ВВ SOS, photocell

Year: 1990

SOS paper bag machine Fischer Krecke 13ВВ photocell Year of construction and refurbish year 1990 Min and max width 6-19 см Min and max length 10-55 cm / we not sure for the maximum , because we dont have instruction manuals/ we work only size 10/27/7 cm Min and max gusset 4-10 cм 3 plies possible (3 unwinders complete) Max …

Flat & Satchel paper bags HOLWEG RS 2

Year: 1978

HOLWEG RS 2 with inline printer W&H QMS 992 - 3 color Flat & Satchel paper bags Bag width: 70-380 mm Bag lenght: 160-680 mm Bag side width: 20-150 mm Cutting lenght: 170-690 mm Machine have been overhauled in 2022. Available for inspection now. Completely new electrical installation, 380 V, we have a scheme. (there is a possibility of alteration …

ROLAND EJ 640 Paper machine Hot deal

Year: 2017

Roland Ej 640 in perfect condition, it can be checked, with dryer included