ACE KISS - 103 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2011

Max PCB width (mm) 457.2 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 1066.8 mm

Nordson Cerno 508.1S Selective soldering machine

Year: 2018

Max PCB width (mm) 508 mm
Min PCB width (mm) 50 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 50 mm

2022 Pillarhouse Jade MK2 Selective Soldering Machine EX DEMO, LIKE NEW

Year: 2022

Integral Machine Mounted Monitor and PC Inerted Nitrogen System Auto Solder Top-up (Wire Feed) & Solder Level Detect Single Titanium Drop Jet Fluxer - 200 Micron Internal Fume Extraction Colour Programming Camera Universally Adjustable Tooling Carriers 508mm (X) x 457mm (Y) (20” x 18”) Maximum PCB Handling Size Manual Fiducial Correction System PillarPAD Offline Programming Package Thermal Nozzle Calibration System …

2022 Pillarhouse PG40 Nitrogen Generator EX DEMO, LIKE NEW

Year: 2022

PillarGEN 40 Nitrogen output: 40 litres Nitrogen per minute @ 50 ppm average (99.995%). Latest Nitrogen Generation design technology offers compact size coupled with ultra-quiet operating noise output (less than 70 dB). PillarGEN 40 - 1155mm high x 968mm wide x 700mm deep.

Metcal APR-5000 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2015

Metcal Array Package Rework System with PC and hot air nozzles.

Norsdon/A.C.E KISS-102 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2006

Max PCB width (mm) 457.2 mm
Min PCB width (mm) 50.8 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 609.6 mm
Min PCB length (mm) 50.8 mm

Malcolm TD-3V offline Selective soldering machine


Machine is complete with pc, English manual and calibration jig. Please find attached datasheet.

SST International 5100.0 Pressure Soldering Furnace

Year: 2010

SST International 5100 Pressure Soldering Furnace Auto control of heating and cooling rates rapid heating up to 450C and rapid cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels below 10 millitorr to pressures up to 40psig MS Windows operating environment 12"x12" thermal work zone minimum vacuum level <50 millitorr="" p=""> requires 2 GPM cooling water @ 20-25C (minimum 2kw) …

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