OTEMAN 25P Textile inspection machine

Year: 2002

Max width of rolls 2000 mm
Max Ø of rolls 470 mm

RAELMA automatic roll packing machine

Year: 2001

Max width of rolls 2700 mm
Max Ø of rolls 450 mm

GMT span 1000 Textile inspection machine

Year: 1998

Max width of rolls 2200 mm
Max Ø of rolls 38 mm

MASSNA Plegadora, medidora Textile inspection machine Hot deal


Massana machine: review Measure 3 blades for selvage and central cutting. Adapted for single-phase 220v through inverter. selvage cell

M-TEC MENSCHNER folding machine type RW 24/59 D

Year: 2001

1 M-TEC MENSCHNER doubling / folding and measuring machine type RW 24/59 D, year 2001, folds article up to 340 cm in half it's width, with meter counter, with automatic selvedge control and overlaying device, entry with contact A-frame unwinder, mall roll or folded article, exit in roll of folded article, machine's motors are fully inverter controlled, with SIEMENS PLC …

Full Auto Disposable Face Mask Making Machine

Year: 2020

The machine can be used for the full automation production of household and medical disposable face mask. This is a used (4 month) machine. The machine producing 60-70 mask/min. and is fully functional in Denmark.

POLYTEX pinking machine type ZP, 102 cm width


1 POLYTEX pinking machine type ZP (Zigzag cutting), knife width 1020 mm, stroke up to 65 mm height, up to 50 cuts per minute, machine equipped with precise hand lever feed mechanism, serrated knife with 5 mm gauge serrations, with FASNACHT security light guards, with laser cut indicator, motor power 2,2 kW, 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz,

KAPPA pinking machine type 41L

Year: 2010

1 KAPPA pinking machine type 41L, cutting width 410 mm, machine supplied with 3 cutting knives: 1 serrated knife with 4 mm gauge serration installed, 1 serrated knife with 4 mm gauge serration spare, 1 flat straight knife, table size 900 mm x 435 mm, manual actuation