GEA TXG 9600/600 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2003

Output 1500 kg/h
Belt width 600 mm

Marinox Continuous blancher-cooler Cooking tunnel

Year: ~ 2000

Output 0 kg/h
Belt width 1150 mm

Imaforni Cyclothermic 20x1 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2005

Output 500 kg/h
Belt width 1000 mm

Formcook CC4090532E Cooking tunnel

Year: 2005

Belt width 435 mm

H.Wilchelmann TRO 01 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2000

Output 2500 kg/h
Belt width 800 mm

AIHO Rice Friend Cooking tunnel

Year: ~ 2004

Continous rice cooker Manufacturer: AIHO Model: Rice Friend Consisting of: 1 pc. rice silo 1 pc. EP-52 rice washer 1 pc. AMP-11 rice soaker and dosing machine 1 pc. ARS-25S continous rice cooker Incl. cooking pots and lids For gas heating

Eloma oven Multimax Hot deal

Year: 2013

Eloma oven Multimax B 20 -11, electric with a trolley for 20 trays,400V /50Hz.Two pieces available, the announced price is per piece.

Pizza furnance Jolly


Pizza furnance Jolly For baking pizzas or other baked goods. The furnace is complete, efficient, gas, additionaly pizzas baking sheet in two sizes dia. 18 24 cm.(more than 200pcs , little used-look new) and rectangular aluminum sheet for baking in the oven. The furnace has been replaced with new ones all the plates fireclay. The furnace is very economical and …

Haas EWB EWB Bakery machine

Year: 1992

Machine for baking wafer tubes for natural gas In good condition