Riegl Riegl VZ-1000 Inspection machine for electronics Low working hours

Year: 2010

Riegl VZ-1000 3D Laser Scanner - 3D scanner. The RIEGL VZ-1000 V-line terrestrial 3D laser scanner provides fast and contactless data acquisition for ranges up to 1,400 m using a narrow infrared laser beam and a fast scanning mechanism. The high range of laser accuracy is based on the unique RIEGL digitization echo technology and on-line wave analysis, which allows …

Conveyor 500mm

Year: 2022

Type PCB

Vi Technology 5000 VI Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2005

AOI VI technology -5000 VI brand: Vi Technology vintage 02/2005 max. board dimensions 508 x 458mm minimum board dimension 50 x 50 mm board thickness 0, 7 to 5 options: Software Vision20 v, WindowsXP, Computer Quad CPU Q9400 resolution: 2048 x 2048 Pixles Pixle size 8µm Field of View: 53, 2mm x 53, 2mm dimension of the system 1, …

Dage Dage 4000 Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2011

Dage4000 initializing full cycle Intel Core2Duo Industrial Desktop PC, Software & Dell 20" HD LCD Monitor, Mouse, Cable & Kit for Dage 4000 Multi purpose Bond Tester BS5Kg Ball Shear Cartridge Tested and calibrated WP100G Wire Pull Cartridge tested and calibrated New Dage 4000 CPU Board and Nexmove card Assy

Aleader ALD510 Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2013

Selling 2D AOI Aleader, ALD510. Used, functional.

1,850 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Bundgens Johusen MJR2 Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2002

Machine for cutting square round brass wire. German machine very precise and reliable. Brand Bundgens Johusen.

Laser Power Supply


Laser Power Supply Spectra Physics Serial Number : J80-8SS42 100-240V, 50/60Hz 4 items. The price is for each one of those.

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