Barberan PUR 33-L Profile wrapping machine

Year: 2012

Type Semi- automatic
Motor power 12 kW

Used ULMA SUPERCHICK Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2004

Type Automatic
Motor power 2.8 kW

ROBOPAC Compacta 960/A Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2004

Horizontal packaging with stretch film. Very little used

Foshan Shilong Machinery Co.,Itd SL520GL Stretch wrapping machine


1. Auger Feeder lifting capacity - 4m/h power supply - 380V/220V-50-60Hz machine power - 1500W machine weight - 15kg charging height - 2600 mm 2. Packing machine type - SL520GL packing material - OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,PET/PE (etc complex film) packing speed - 5-30 (bags/min) max width of film roll - 520mm max bag lenght - 100-235mm bag width - 50-190mm air consumption …

CAM MOD. G35 - Bundler overwrapper used

Year: 2000

DESCRIPTION: CAM automatic bundling wrapping machine model G35 has been designed to carry out bundling and complete wrapping of products, using heat-sealable plastic film. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Designed and manufactured according to the strictest safety regulations, G35 machine requires minimal maintenance and guarantees high performance and reliability. The completely automatic …

Filma 30ES Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2005

filming machine tray diameter 120cm

Ulma Superchik H Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2002

Type Automatic
Motor power 2.8 kW

EFFE 3T MOD. SPINNY S200 - Pallet wrapping machine used

Year: 2002

DESCRIPTION: Semiautomatic pallet wrapping machine with rotating table shaped for loading and unloading with transpallet and safety photocell, button for table rotation and reel up and down buttons. Equipped with a platform on which the pallet is positioned. The rotating of the table allows the stretch film to entirely wrap the products on pallet according to different work programs that …

UVA Flash 250 Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2005

Test run and adjusted welding times Works well Tube dimension: 156mm Welding width: 25cm Front cup missing, sensor bridged

Zlatorog oprema OP 161 Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2006

Type Automatic
Motor power 1.5 kW

Fabbri Group Elixa XP Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2013

Wrapping Elixa XP Test drive Works perfectly. The trough must be on the right side. Need a reflex at the output to start.

Fabbri Group Elixa Mega XR Stretch wrapping machine

Year: 2014

Wrapper Elixa Mega New vertical photocells New gas dampers With labeling

Humboldt Capax Pallet winding machine

Year: 2009

Pallet winding machine Overview The winder was manufactured by the German company Humboldt Verpackungstechnik in 2009 and installed in a logistics partner in Germany. It is still in use till April 2023 and can be visited while in operation. The machine is handling Euro pallet. Due du regular maintenance, the overall condition of the machine is good. Technical specs: Capacity: …

Liegat Pallet winding machine with conveyor system

Year: 2004

Pallet winding machine with conveyor system Overview The winder for pallets with conveyor system was manufactured by the German company Liegat in 2004. It was installed in a packaging manufacturer and was regularly maintained. Technical specs Capacity: up to 20 pallets/hour Formats: Euro Pallet, Half Pallet Max. length: 1000 mm Max. width: 1200 mm Max. height: 2700 mm Max weight: …