LITA PRESTO 1 Palletizer - palletizing robot Hot deal

Year: 2003

We are selling of our current palletiser as part of an investment plan for our packaging line. The palletiser is working perfectly. IMPORTANT POINT To be dismantled on site before the end of October 2022. Completely dismantled from November 2022. Equipment characteristics : PLC SCHNEIDER drives Empty pallet shop with a capacity of 14 pallets Pallet size 800x1200x14 - 1000x1200x14 …

SKILLED SK 504 Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2011

Palletizing island with automatic Cartesian robot, 3 packaging lines and automatic packaging area. Currently dismantled due to bankruptcy.

CRONIB PT 2000 Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2006

PALLETIZATION Manufacturer: CRONIB D.O.O. Type: PT 2000 Capacity: 1.200 packs / h This machine is part of a complete PET bottle filling line and has always been regularly checked and regularly maintained and has a set of 4 different format parts. Complete palletization includes: pallet hopper, KUKA robot, pallet wrapper and cca. 11m fo roller track. Machine was in use …

FANUC M-410i Palletizer - palletizing robot Hot deal

Year: 2005

4 Fanuc M410 robots - B/450 Year Of Construction 2005 Brand: Fanuc In operation until January 2023

Robopac Robot S6 ( M110 PDS plus) Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2018

Sell Robot for filming pallets Brand: ROBOPAC Model: M110 PDS PLUS Long autonomy (up to 250 pallets if fully loaded) Equipped with an LCD screen allowing the creation of 6 different filming programs Both batteries are new.

SORSA KAF453 - KAF454 Palletizer - palletizing robot Hot deal

Year: 2005

Infeed Table To Shrink Packer "Sorsa" Robopac X Sorsa Model: Kaf453 - Kaf454 Price For One Table: 15.000

SEMA 0.5l + 1.0l TetraPak Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2001

Overview The palletizer was manufactured by the German company sema in 2001 and until recently was part of a TetraPak filling line at a large German dairy company. The palletizer is now becoming available as the owner is investing in a completely new line. Technical data Container type: 0.5l + 1.0l TetraPak cartons 7000 single containers per hour Single containers …

SEMA 5242-02 Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2002

Overview The palletizer was manufactured and put into operation in 2002 by SEMA Maschinenbau. At a manufacturer of fresh products, the palletizer was used to palletize containers with, for example, yogurt or quark on crates. In the course of a performance increase of the plant, the palletizer will be replaced in August 2022. The palletizer includes a crate stacker, which …

SEMA 0,5l + 1,0l Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2018

Overview The palletizer and wrapper were manufactured by German companies sema and Liegat respectively in 2018 and until recently were part of a filling line at a large German dairy company. The palletizer and wrapper are now becoming available as the owner is investing in a completely new line. Technical data Palletizer | SEMA | - | 2018 Capacity: 695 …

Krones Pressant Universal Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2005

The palletizer was manufactured by the German company Krones in 2005 and until recently was part of a PET filling line at a large Austrian beverage bottler. The palletizer is now becoming available as the owner is investing in a completely new line. Technical data Palletizing via gantry Bottom two-lane pack infeed Number of heads: 1 Type of head: transfer …

Kettner Robot 3A Depalletizer

Year: 2004

Depalletizer The depalletizer was built in 2004 by the German company Krones. The machine has a linear lifting axis and a swivel unit. The depalletizer is currently still assembled. Techn. data Clamping head Output: up to 360 layers/h (single-use containers) Output: up to 500 layers/h (multi-use containers) Load capacity: 700 kg incl. gripper system Set up on 20 crates Euro …

Beyer Palletizer and depalletizer

Year: 2007

Palletizer and depalletizer Overview This palletizer was manufactured in 2007 by the German manufacturer Beyer. Till now the machine was used in a Brewery in Germany for palletizing and depalletizing. As the machine is operating both functions, this is a very compact and space saving option. It is still in production and will be vacant in autumn 2022. The machine …

Schaefer Förderanlagen und Maschinenbau MÜNCHEN Bulk glass depalletizing machine

Year: 2003

Bulk glass depalletizing machine Overview The Bulk Glass Depalletizer was manufactured in 2003 by the former Schaefer company in Germany and was in use at a large beverage bottler until the end. Tech Specs: Capacity: 31,850 - 59,940 bph (depending on bottle height and formation) Electrical connected load: approx. 10kW Max. compressed air requirement: approx. 7.8 m3/h

KHS / KUKA Palettierroboter Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2004

Palletizing system for 2000 trays per hour The facility consists of: 1 KHS robot palletizing system with Pallet film wrapping system Year of construction 2004 - 1 euro empty pallet magazine - 1 pallet roller transport system, length 22.5 m - 1 Kuka robotic palletizing system with gripper for 2x4 carton packs with 8 individual packs each - 1 pre-grouping …

Pester PEWO-Pal 6 Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2007

Producer Pester Type PEWO-Pal 6 Year of construction 2007 Dimension ca. [in mm] 3400 x 2500 x 2800 Weight ca. [in kg] 3000 Country of origin Germany Link to the producer Machine Description The Pester machine is a two-station palletizer fitted with KUKA (KR16) robot technology. The cartons are palletized by the Pewo PAL 6 form on pallets according …

BMS Unipal 202 Glass depalletizer

Year: 2015

Glass depalletizing machine Overview The Bulk Glass Depalletizer was in continuous operation at a fruit juice manufacturer in Germany. There, the machine was used to feed two production lines with new glass. The machine has two discharge tables and allow the choice of which table is to be used for discharging the empties. This allows different types of bottles to …

Sorma PAL 108 F Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: 2008

Sorma PAL 108 F plate palletizer The Sorma palletizer allows you to automatically stack boxes or crates on pallets. This smart stacking system not only gives you huge labor savings, but it is also ergonomic. In addition, the boxes and crates are very well stacked. This palletizer has been designed to achieve high capacities. Suitable for different box sizes. See …

Packr AF611 Depalletizer - depalletizing robot

Year: 2003

Depalletiser Manufacturer: Packr Model: AF611 Year: 2003 Speed (b/h): 600 Worked formats: 20L cannivers Documentation / Maintenance history available Type of movement: Rotating arm (X/Y) Supported Pallet Dimensions: 1200×1200 Top cover: YES PLC type: Siemens range 300

IMA BFB Mod. MINIROBOT - Palletizer used

Year: 1997

DESCRIPTION: The machine consists of a Minirobot suitable for palletizing cases. The axes are driven by brushless motors which electronically controlled by means of incremental encoders allow to carry out precise and rapid positioning of the cases during the cycle phases. The linear movements are made by means of prismatic guides with ball recirculating units. Self-learning functions simplify the programming …

MC DPET 1000/min Palletizer - palletizing robot

Year: ~ 2010

Depalletizer packaging Condition Resale IN EXCELLENT CONDITION IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Depalletizer rectangular and round container formats, type: MC-MC DPET Capacity: 1000 cans / min. Material: Inox. Aisi 304. Voltage: 380 / 440V ac. Frequency: 50/60 Hz.