Loma X5 Metal detector

Year: 2014

Loma X5 x-ray machine from 2014 detects both packaged & unpackaged products. Very high capacity machine in mint condition, wear parts included as shown. Dimensions 200 x 120 cm H 190 cm.

Used Witronic T/PLVMEAT21-0002 Metal detector

Year: 2015

Hersteller: Witronic Model: T/PLVMEAT21-0002 Abmessungen: 63 mm

Ceia THS Metal detector

Year: 2008

Width of the arc 400 mm
Height of the arc 175 mm

LOMA IQ3+ Metal detector

Year: 2015


Safeline BH Tablet Metal detector

Year: ~ 2000

Width of the arc 75 mm
Height of the arc 38 mm

Loma BELT SENSOR + EJECTION Metal detector

Year: 1999

Width of the arc 0 mm
Height of the arc 0 mm

Lock Met 30+ Metal detector

Year: 2000

Width of the arc 500 mm
Height of the arc 230 mm

Loma Systems, IQ3+ Pipeline Metal Detector. Hot deal


1 off 2 inch (90mm square aperture) standard pipeline, mounted on a stand. This machine has quick release fittings and ARK-2 reject valve. The machine is build to meet the CE specifications. Head Frequency: Variable. The estimated sensitivity are as follow: Ferrous 3.0mm sphere. Non Ferrous 2.5mm sphere. 304 Stainless Steel 3.0mm sphere. Those figures would be subject to product …

4,450 €

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GB United Kingdom

Detectronic 502-420 Metal detector

Year: 1995

Width of the arc 320 mm
Height of the arc 280 mm

Safeline Signature Metal detector


Width of the arc 350 mm
Height of the arc 110 mm

Safeline EES-280-1400 Metal detector

Year: 2002

Width of the arc 310 mm
Height of the arc 127 mm

Metal detector Industrial Pipe Line Loma IQ3 Hot deal

Year: 2010

Width of the arc 90 mm
Height of the arc 90 mm

Safeline - Metal detector

Year: ~ 2004

Width of the arc 350 mm
Height of the arc 215 mm

Lock Met 30+ Metal detector


Width of the arc 600 mm
Height of the arc 50 mm

Lock + Pharma technology Met 30+ / Combi 500 LI Metal detector

Year: 2003

Combination metal detector / dust collector Manufacturer: Lock + Pharma Technology Model: Met 30+ / Combi 500 LI Year: 2003 Power supply: 230V / 50Hz Movable: on wheels Technical documentation: available (digital)

Pharma Technology Combi 750 LI Metal detector

Year: 2005

Dust Collector Manufacturer: Pharma Technology Model: Combi 750 LI Year: 2005 Serial number: 0504729 Metal Detector: CEIA THS/PH21 Overall dimensions (W x D x H) : 800 x 1000 x 1800 mm Weight: 300 kg Incoterm: EXW

CEIA THS/PH Metal detector

Year: 2000

Tablet transfer tube + metal detector Manufacturer: CEIA Model: THS/PH Year: 2000 Technical documentation available: details on request Overall dimensions (w x d x h): 650 x 1450 x 1500 mm Weight: 150kg

Schutten / Pulsotronic - Metal detector

Year: 2005

Cup filler, make Schutten, Bj. 2005 with Pulsotronic metal detector and lifting and tipping device 2-lane rotary machine with suitable lifting and tipping device for 200 l standard wagons Metal detector Pulsotronic M-Pulse 2 integrated in the machine control Suitable for filling chunky masses (e.g. delicatessen salads), pasty products (e.g. mayonnaise, spread) and dosing rapeseed oil Stations: pull cup, fill, …