CNC BRETON NC 300 - 2018

Year: 2018

CNC Breton in perfect condition. Option : - 3D probe Blum - Laser Projector - Tool measuring The machine contains the latest Breton cycles, compatible with Pegasus - SmartCam latest version. The price is without disassembly, and without transport URGENT: the machine must be dismantled at the end of April (actually in production) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The machine dimensions are: - Machining …

MARMO MECCANICA LCH 711 MAGNUM Low working hours

Year: 2016

Good morning Marmo Meccanica horizontal edge polisher Year: 2016 Model: LCH 711 MAGNUM Perfectly maintained (bearings, rollers, mats changed recently). Fully digital control desk. Shaping stops 2 mandrels, polishing 7 mandrels, 1 thickness grinding plate. Sold with aluminum loading extension table + extension for large width.

Montresor Luna 740S

Year: 2014

We have a Montresor Luna 740S stone processing side cutter for sale. The machine is designed for the processing of straight sides as well as for profiles. Boczkarka was in constant use. It is currently unused because it has been replaced with a newer one. However, it is possible to run and test the machine. It is in good condition, …

Breton NC 400

Year: 2008

The price does not include disassembly and transport. Very urgent, the machine must be dismantled mid-March. Actually in production. The machine contains the latest Breton cycles, compatible with Pegasus - SmartCam latest version. Option : - 3D probe Marposs - Laser Projector ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Machine with two working tables. The machine dimensions are: - Machining table: 3550 x 2250 - X …

Marble tile cutting line -Bombieri Venturi: trimming machine RBV/1000-2 Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2011

marble tile cutting line, cutting length: up to 1m cutting, working period:Less than a year (Almost new), any check accepted

AGUT FUSSION Industrial robot Hot deal

Year: 2006


Gaspari Menotti Jumbo S4 Low working hours

Year: 1990

The machine had only fifty loads of cutting in very excellent condition, with all accompanying documentation Purchased new in Italy in 1990. The machine comes with a movable loading bridge, 2 control tables, and all other elements

BIMATECH Pratica CNC machine for stone

Year: 2006

CNC machine for stone Perfect condition, with few hours of work, working.


Year: 2019

RAI 427 BI-BULDOG ADV Accessories: Diamond disc for milling finish 125 mm R15 -1 pc Diamond blade for milling base 125 mm R15 -1 pc Engine power 1.5Hp/1.1kW Voltage 230V Max. shaping radius/thickness: 30 mm Max. shaping length: 1200mm 2x 1.1kW motor for operation with two diamond discs Tile Shift: Manual Dimensions: 113x80x70 cm Weight 136 kg Processing length 120 …

4,000 €

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CZ Czech Republic

cnc machining center for marble and granite Ravelli Teorema MP - 4 Axis

Year: 2011

Used Ravelli 4 axis cnc machining center for marble and granite complete with vacuum system software, automatic tool change Siemens software, cones, tips, etc. year 2011

Inconnu Inconnu

Year: 1970

Diamond moulder for stone work. Water work 380V Table length 2m Turning length 5m Cutter height 8.5cm Height-adjustable diamond cutter

bg automazioni sg2001/bb8

Year: 2001

automatic-operated gluing machine bg automazioni sg2001/bb8

Esypro Es28

Year: 2008

Monoblock marble and granite cutter Disc diameter 500, 800 mm

Incimar Mc 800

Year: 1980

Manual pantograph for marble and granite, working, complete with vacuum cleaner, filing cabinet and bits.

CANIGO HMF-0 Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2007


Bm Monolama

Year: 2001

Monolama for sale to cut stone and granite blocks


Year: 2022

Mec C 250 splitting machine Builder: Mech Model: C 250 Blade width: mm. 250 Max split height: mm. 240 Splitting force: Ton. 42 Accessories: Year of construction: 2002 Condition of the machine: Good Weight: Tons. Overall dimensions: mm. Energy consumption: Kw Voltage: 400Hz 50V Availability: Subject to prior sale Price negotiable

SIMEC LM 2100 RX / 012

Year: 2007

Polishing-grouting line for marble / travertine slabs including: automatic loading / unloading, connection and transport roller conveyors, drying unit, measurer, winder, rehabilitation machine. Useful polishable width mm. 2100. Smoothing / polishing spindles n. 12 The price includes disassembly, loading on container or truck, supply of manual and foundation drawings

CMG TAURUS 100 Hot deal

Year: 2001

TARUS 100 POLISHER WITH 7 STRAIGHT AND ROUND POLISHING HEADS WITH 1 GAUGE, 2 PRECUTTING, 4 BEVELING HEADS AND 1 DRIPPING HEAD. POLISHING THICKNESS FROM 15 mm TO 100 mm. The Taurus edge polisher has been deprecated since 2010/2011. We were dedicated to doing construction, but when the real estate crisis began in 2007 we began to focus on kitchen …

Montresor Lara Low working hours

Year: 2012

Lara 60 edge polishing machine. Currently working in perfect condition. It is sold due to exchange for the same more modern brand. Straight, round and blunt edge, it also has a disc for drips. It is sold with all the diamond tools, 6 heads, 2 visors