Enceko Dryer Low working hours

Year: 2015

Two-section mobile bale dryer Two-section mobile dryer from 2015, consisting of: - 2 NPO-350 air heaters + ST-3 steel frame - Riello two-stage oil burner - Oil tank 5m3 - Fan industries-Venture MBB-4-1000/355-3000700T - drying collectors 3 modules, each with 4 drying stations

Packr AF611

Year: 2003

This 2003 Packr machine is still in production and well maintained. It will be replaced by a new system which can take variable products. The System is equipped with a PILZ module (PSS4000). The designs are complete and current. The line is capable of unstacking 600 jerrycans per hour with suction cups. The installation must be dismantled by place the …


Year: 1999

COLUSSI ERMES dishwasher

Trotec Speedy 360 Flexx laser engraving machine Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2020

Trotec Speedy 360 Flexx laser engraving machine Trotec Speedy 360 Flexx, March 2020 (see picture of the attached identity plate) The machine is from 2020 but it was used as a demonstration machine by Trotec, therefore little used, and was completely overhauled when we bought it in July 2021. It is supplied with 3 spare filters for the extractor (worth …


Year: 2015

Speedmarker GS Workstation - 100W CO2 Laser water cooling by external chiller work surface: 250x250mm to 500x500mm (depending on lens) laser pointer, 3-axis head, motorized and software-controlled Z axis, industrial PC, display, keyboard and interface included Security door with large viewing window. Electric closing and opening of the safety door Dimensions of the machine: 100cm (width)x160cm (depth)x199cm (height) Water cooler …

Used pia OP-Maskenproduktionsanlage Hot deal

Year: 2020

Mask production line for surgical respirators from the manufacturer PIA Automation with the following equipment: - Siemens control - spare parts package The fully automated mask production line includes the following process steps: Feeding of filter material, folding, welding, feeding of nose clips, forming of masks, cutting of masks, welding of ear bands and stacking. Only one person is required …

Laser marking and engraving machine co2 3D dynamic Galvo Golden laser Hot deal

Year: 2014

Golden Laser ZJ9045 275W CO2 RF metal laser ROFIN OEM 20 after refil(warranty to 06.2023) 3D dynamic galvanometer control system with Germany Scanlab Galvo head. Automatic up and down Z axis. Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table. Use-friendly 5 inches LCD screen CNC system. Rear exhaust suction system. High speed engraving cutting and perforating of leather, shoe uppers, fabrics, …


Year: 2007

For sale Ot-las Way 500 Machinery Features 500 Watt Neon Laser Scan Head Hr 70 Mm Personal Computer With File / Machine Management Software Cooling Chiller Vacuum pump Floor 1000 * 2000 X Axis Head And Y Axis Plane Movements Area 500 (Drawings Up To 500 Mm Xy High Resolution) Area 1000 (Drawings Up To 1000 Mm Xy Low Resolution) …

Trotec Speedy 360 Low working hours

Year: 2019

Trotec Speedy 360 laser cutting and engraving machine - 120 W - CO2 laser + Atmos Duo extractor 2 turbines (2 × 320 m³ / h) / 2 bags of coal included Work surface: 813 × 508 mm Engraving speed: 355 cm / s Laser power: 120W Room height of 280 mm With auto focus Included in the bundle: - …

RAINER ELETEK 1225 -FLEXA 10030 Low working hours

Year: 2008


Used ruhlamat FFP2-/ N95-Maskenproduktionsanlage Hot deal


Mask production line for FFP2/ N95 respirators from the manufacturer Ruhlamat, with the following equipment: - Siemens control - Festo compressed air - Rinco ultrasound - spare parts package (various spare parts, ultrasonic components, belts, rollers, sensors, compressed air etc.) The fully automated mask production line includes the following process steps: Mask forming, edge pressing, cutting, ear band welding, and …

Used WEBTEC HY-GAS 1.6M rewinding machine for adhesive tape

Year: 2017

2 shafts auto exchange rewinding machine, suitable for rewinding various self-adhesive tapes. Main futures: 1. Rewinding speed up to 120 m/min 2. Max web width – 1600 mm 3. Driven by 2 A.C motors, one for web feeding, one for rewind tension control, in which the torque increased automatically on the rewind shafts as finished roll grows in diameter 4. …

Spirka Hacoba

Year: 1988

The Hacoba machine prepares (winds the wires) for the next production operation on the Spirka machine. We offer 2 pieces of these machines for sale

Italpresse XL/6 25-13 PA BO +4PI 120T Press

Year: 2021

High resilience steel structure. Aluminium coated steel tray 2500x1300mm 6 trays, 4 intermediate shelves, 5 floors, opening between floors (approx.) 100mm. Total thrust 120Tons. Electronic oil heater DIATHERMIC Maximum temperature 120°. Siemens TS400 colour touch screen control with 200 program memory. Safety device according to CE standards. Voltage configuration: 400V - 50Hz / Three phase. Very good condition - Little …

Vacuum treatment system BRIZIO BASI DOV 1001

Year: 1994

Vacuum treatment system for insulating oil for transformers BRIZIO BASI DOV 1001 Vacuum Insulating Oil Treatment Plant for Transformers. Plant with few working hours 500 max. Adapted in 2011 to the Machine Directive D.P.R. 459/96 and Legislative Decree 81/08.

Used Auto slitting-rewinding machine (3 servo-motor)

Year: 2020

High speed slitting-rewinding machine for PET, PE, LDPE, HDPE, paper, laminate and other materials. Main futures: 1. Slitting/rewinding speed up to 300 m/min 2. Max web width – 1600 mm 3. Three independent servo-motors: for unwinding, traction and rewinding with fully automatic tension control 4. EPC web guide system 5. 10 sets rotary blade 6. PLC programmable unit with a …

Automatic high speed mask machine (100-120 pieces/minute) new generation full optional for the production of FFP2, FFP3, KN95, KN99 mask/respirator. Mask/respirator type: fold flat without valve with earloops.

Year: 2022

Automatic high speed mask machine (100-120 pieces/minute) new generation full optional for the production of FFP2, FFP3, KN95, KN99 mask/respirator. Mask/respirator type: fold flat without valve with earloops. Machine condition: semi-new, the white steel top is still covered with the protective cellophane. The automatic production line integrates material roll unwinding, mask/respirator forming, nose wire feeding and application, earloops welding, edge …

PERO V1/108

Year: 2005

The machine for treating dirt with solvents. The machine is currently connected and in operation and was completely overhauled in early 2020. The machine is equipped with a cooling unit.

Used palas PMFT 1000 Hot deal


Mask test stand from the manufacturer PALAS, model PMFT 1000 with the following equipment: - Integrated additional test device Promo® LED 2300. The mask tester PMFT 1000 (Protective Mask Filter Tester) is suitable for production monitoring of half masks. The overall penetration test is better than the standard, and the efficiency measurement is carried out in the range from 100 …

Sole proprietor LiteCem ARM

Year: 2020

Composite rod production line Line performance 5 - 10 meters per minute Max power 45 KW The photos show a dismantled production line, good technical condition. The line worked until it was dismantled.