Hitec KBS Knocking Belt System

Year: 2019

Hitec KBS Knocking Belt System Power : 0.8 Kw It is in excellent condition Removal of foreign bodies from a wide range of cut salads, baby and micro leaves and prepared vegetables with very gentle product handling, the KBS effectively removal of insects, flies, stones, wood, plastic etc. and is a very cost effective and efficient system which is suitable …

Donati Nastri srl Nastro trasportatore a tapparella Conveyor

Year: 2021

Conveyor belt with shutter, modular in plastic with the following characteristics: -Length: 3900mm. -Useful width: 1200mm. -Sides H200 covered in polyzene green -Modular perforated shutter complete with strips H80 step 500mm. - Engine cover casing - Gearmotor kw 0.37 speed 10mt / min. -Electrical system excluded -Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel "Use and maintenance manual + declaration of CE …

Faliconi KURVE curves conveyor belt 90°

Year: 2000

Passage width 1600 mm

Dricosta PDK Conveyor

Year: 2021

We are selling a Dricosta belt conveyor with a drive. Dimensions: length 7m x width 1m, age 1 year (year of manufacture 2021).

Posimat conveyor Conveyor

Year: 2015

Passage length 2900 mm
Passage width 1000 mm


Year: 2021

Zeta Conveyor Belt With Carpet For Pellet Transport

Innotec 16 Conveyor

Year: 2020

Passage length 4050 mm
Passage width 400 mm


Year: 1

Zeta Conveyor Belt With Carpet For Pellet Transport

Conveyor belt Pelletia CZ Conveyor belt

Year: 2018

Passage length 7800 mm

Loma IQ2 Conveyor

Year: 2004

Passage length 1600 mm
Passage width 550 mm

Unknown Convoyeur inverted U Conveyor

Year: ~ 2000

Passage length 3000 mm
Passage width 55 mm

TEKMAN TKBM-10 Conveyor

Year: 2018

Passage length 1281 mm
Passage width 1082 mm

НПП Крамтехцентр / NPP Kramtekhtsentr Е9830,00,000РЭ / JE9830,00,000RE Conveyor

Year: 2013

The conveyor is designed to work in an open area or under a canopy, to move coal with a particle size of up to 300 mm, with a moisture content of up to 12%. The conveyor is a transport unit consisting of a drive station, a cargo device, with a tension trolley, a conveyor line, see the drawings and operation …

Flexlink Conveyor


Passage length 0 mm
Passage width 63 mm

Taim Sin referencia Conveyor


Material conveyor belt on bearings with motors in good condition. About 800 meters long and 0.9 wide. Perfect for aggregates, with raised steps on steel beams. Fully roofed and with service passage.

Bike Machinery Bicycle assembly line Type B Conveyor

Year: 2019

Passage length 16000 mm
Passage width 400 mm

Powered flexible conveyors


Passage length 3750 mm
Passage width 610 mm

Atlantis - Conveyor

Year: 2019

Passage length 1850 mm
Passage width 760 mm

Scheuch zss Conveyor Low working hours

Year: 2016

Passage length 1007 mm
Passage width 507 mm