Lissmac SBM-XS 300 GIE 1 Deburring machine

Year: 2017

The machine is in good technical condition. Maximum workpiece width: 300 mm Maximum workpiece width and length (double-sided processing): 200 mm Minimum part size: 25 x 25 x 1mm Min. and max. thickness workpiece: 1-15mm Feed speed: 0-2m/min Workpiece thickness setting: electric Tool setting: manual Total machine power: 5kW Total current consumption: 8A Weight: 1400kg Dimensions: 1300 x 2300 x …

AXIOME Deburring cell Deburring machine

Year: 2017

High pressure oil jet deburring machine equipped with 2 STÄUBLI robots 1 TS 60 robot for loading / unloading 1 robot RX 160 HD Version HE2 for deburring Fully enclosed cell with 2 zones 1 loading / unloading area 1 deburring area Other features: Machine equipped with: 1 one-piece frame with a rigid mechanically welded structure built in stainless steel …

ERNST EG3M II Deburring machine

Year: 2008

This ERNST EG3M II Deburring Machine was manufactured in the year 2008. This machine has a working width of 1400 mm and a workpiece length of min. 400 mm and a workpiece weight of max 300 kg. Machine width: 2600 mm Machine depth: 2000 mm Machine height: 1800 mm Machine weight: 2800 kg Working width 1400 mm Workpiece height 1 …

Used - NS Maquinas DM1100ZCK Deburring Machine

Year: 2014

Deburring, edge rounding and finishing up to 1100mm Deburring, edge rounding and finishing of metal cut parts up to 1100mm width. NS Maquinas DM1100 ZCK are deburring, edge rounding and finishing machines for sheet metal and parts cut by punching, shearing, laser or plasma. Removing burrs and creating round edges using cross belts technology is possible on parts up to …

Clera deburring 1250 mm Deburring machine


Deburring unit for laser and plasma cut piecesmax workpiece: 1200 x 600 x 200 mm auto loading lift + unloading conveyor belt max width: 1250 mmmax length: 1000 mm Type/Model: 1250 mm

Surfinsys DB300 Deburring machine

Year: 2013

Controls OMRON specifications through feed grinding machine Working width: 300 mm number of brushing station: 2 demagnetizer: yes Brushing Unit number of brushes: 4 drive power: 5.5 kW Electrical specifications total power consumption: 23 kW mains voltage: 400 V mains frequency: 50 Hz Dimensions / weights space requirements -left/right-: 3430 mm space requirements -front/back-: 1842 mm total height: 2510 mm …

ARKU Edge Breaker 2000 Deburring machine

Year: 2017

Max. passage width 1300 mm Workable sheet thickness 0.8-80 mm Operating hours machine 2455 h Feed continuously 0-4 m / min Length 1800mm Width 900mm Height 2000mm Weight machine 2900 kg additional equipment - TEKA WNA-AL 3500 wet separator Description The EdgeBreaker® 2000 is designed for efficient edge rounding after punching or laser cutting. Cross-running brushes can be equipped with …

Lissmac ABM-S 1000 Deburring machine

Year: 2007

Max. passage width 1000 mm Workable sheet thickness 20 mm Voltage 400V / 50Hz Rated current 28.5 A Rated power 12.6 kW Degree of protection IP54 Feed continuously 0-4 m / min Length 2230mm Width 1500mm Height 1532mm Weight machine 1700 kg standard equipment - Sheet thickness adjustment: hand crank with worm gear and scale / infinitely variable - Setting …

Ernst EM5/N900 Deburring machine

Year: 1999

Sheet Metal Deburring Machine Manufacturer: ERNST Type: EM5/N900 Year of Manufacture: 1999 Type of control: conventional Working width: 880 mm Workpiece height: 1-70 mm Grinding roller diameter: 420 mm Machine weight approx.: 2.800 kg Approx. space requirement: 2.500 x 1.715 x1.675 mm automatic sheet metal deburring machine working in the wet grinding process automatic magnetic filter system wet grinding device …

Cetema HG 290 Deburring machine

Year: 1989

Vibratory finishing machine make CETEMA type HG 290 Year of construction 1989 Tank capacity: 290 l Container inner diameter: 1030 mm Dimensions L x W x H: 2000 x 1300 x 1500 mm With - Separation device - Dosing device - Timer - Attached control and switching cabinet - only 5600 operating hours

Rosler Ø 2000 mm Deburring machine


Additional info Vibratory surface finishing takes place in a work bowl placed on coil springs. The vibratory energy is induced by a special vibratory motor that is mounted in the center of the work bowl. The vibration creates the typical “relative” movement of media against parts. The continuous feeding of water and compound – also known as soap – supports …

CGA BUSY BEE 1.600/33-2020 Deburring machine

Year: 2007

Metal sanding machine CGA mod. BUSY BEE 1.600/33-2020 -1.600 mm wide -1 st unit: Transversal with fixed skid - 2nd unit: Roller diameter 250 mm rubber coated 60 sh for sanding belt - 3rd unit: Roller diameter 250 mm rubber coated 60 sh for sanding belt - Scotch Brite satin finishing brush - Pneumatic exclusion of panel groups - 2 …

Timesavers Multiline 100741 Deburring machine

Year: 2002

T I M E S A V E R S ( The Netherlands) Wet Grinder for Deburring and Finishing with Vacuum Wide Belt Model Multiline 100741 Series 1350 WRDOW-N Year 2002 ______________________________________________________________ Grinding Width maximum 1.350 mm Max. height of workpiece approx. 1 – 50 mm Workpiece FeedRange of Vacuum belt 1 – 10 m/Min. Consisting of following aggregates: 1.) …

Ernst EM 5 N/II/L + 2/1400 Deburring machine

Year: 2007

Sheet Metal Deburring Machine with wetgrinding Device Working area 1400 mm

Lissmac SPW409 RTTR Deburring machine

Year: 2006

• Touch screen terminal. • Drying system using pressure rollers. Two drying nozzles, up and down, provide perfect drying of the parts. • Precision drive. • Integrated filtration system. • Control of the conveyor belt. • All electrical components (motors, converters,…) are in the dry area. The bearings are fully sealed so that no coolant can enter. • Constant pitch …

Ernst BM4 Deburring machine

Year: 2001

Technical specifications: Sheet metal deburring machine, deburring machine, - Sheet metal deburring machine for stamping, laser and nibbling parts Passage width 940 mm -4x brushing aggregates speed electronically adjustable -Drive powers of 5.5 kW each - Feed drive speed electronically adjustable - Drive power 2.2 kW - Total drives 32 kW -Vacuum for small parts, also made of stainless steel …

Amada DB 610 Deburring machine

Year: 1989

Sheet metal deburring machine make AMADA type DB 610 Year of manufacture 1989 Sheet thickness: 0.5 - 6 mm Sheet width: max. 610 mm Sanding roll dimensions: 630 x 200 mm 2 grinding roller speeds: 1270 + 2030 rpm. 2 cutting speeds: 18 + 13 m / sec. Passage speed: 2 m / min. Working table height: 780 mm Drive …

TTSC DP2 600 Deburring machine

Year: 2017

Technology Year of manufacture: 2017 working width 600mm Disc regulation motor 0.18kw Power motor 1.0kW abrasive belt speed 3 -15m/sec abrasive belt dimensions 620 x 1900mm conveyor belt dimensions 600 x 2800mm (Smooth) Variable work table height 800-900mm variable

Bütfering / Steelmaster ECS PRIMA-SBPW 309 RTT Deburring machine

Year: 2002

Working width 950 mm Power (kW) 29 kW Thickness 150 mm Wide belt sander, grinder, polisher For sheet metal Model: Full-automatic, wet-polisher

Lissmac SBM-S 1000 Deburring machine

Year: 2005

Main drive motor 4 x 3.0 kW rpm 700 rpm Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz Main drive motor total power 4 x 6.8 A Total current consumption of the main motor 1.3 A Noise level 82 dB (A) IP 54 class Infinitely variable feed speed 0-4 m / min Fully variable sheet thickness adjustment - manual Grinding medium control …

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