Bihler GRM80 multislide machine

Year: 1984

Nbr of slides 5
Feed length 520 mm
Capacity in tons 0 T

BUCH DCM200 multislide machine

Year: 1992

Nbr of slides 19
Nbr of strokes/min 200
Capacity in tons 25 T

Finzer ZUB220 multislide machine

Year: 1982

Nbr of slides 5
Capacity in tons 25 T

Bihler RM40E multislide machine

Year: 2006

Nbr of slides 5
Nbr of strokes/min 350
Capacity in tons 9 T

AMT AHDR 500/1600 Spring machine

Year: 2003

Capacity in tons 0.5 T
Wire diameter 1600 mm

Used Hack SM 25 Spring machine

Year: 1972

Spring coiling machine for the production of compression springs and tension spring bodies. Processing range: wire thickness 0.4mm - 2.5mm Accessories: wire guides, rollers, pins, mandrels & knives Completeness cannot be guaranteed, some tools may be worn out

Bihler GRM 100 multislide machine

Year: 1985

Nbr of slides 4
Wire diameter 10 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 136
Capacity in tons 54 T
Feed length 250 mm

Bihler GRM 50 multislide wire/strip punching and forming machine

Year: 1986

Nbr of slides 5
Feed length 320 mm
Capacity in tons 25 T

Spuhl PA-393 Spring machine

Year: 2006

A machine for mounting pocket bands (pocket springs) by means of an adhesive application. Automatic web downloading option from three independent sources. It is possible to mount the web one after the other in a straight line or with a transverse offset. Machine controlled from the operator panel. Automatic counting and cutting the web. It has an automatic glue application …

Spuhl c-313 Spring machine

Year: 2008

Nbr of slides 6
Nbr of strokes/min 85

LIAN ROU LR-PS-VF pocket mattress spring machine

Year: 2006

Wire diameter 4 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 55

Wafios SLF 4 ZIG-ZAG spring machine

Year: 1974

We have a complete line of Wafios SLF 4 for sale for the production of ZIG-ZAG springs They are one of the most efficient and long-lasting devices for the production of ZIG-ZAG springs. All devices have been inspected. Clearances have been removed, some bearings have been replaced, V-belts, current protections, etc. The offered machines are operational and ready to work. …

LIAN ROU LR-PS-VF pocket mattress spring machine

Year: 2007

Wire diameter 4 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 55

OKUNO MSC-15 Spring machine

Year: 1998

AUTOMATIC FOR TAPE SPRINGS (SPIRAL, TORSION) used min. in the seat belts. OKUNO manufacturer and machine number, which is the production date 00130398 ... machine production year 1998.

Spuhl F110 SW Spring machine

Year: 1990

Wire diameter 3.3 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 90

Spuhl F65 SW - complete machines for bonell springs making

Year: 1982

Nbr of slides 0
Nbr of strokes/min 50
Wire diameter 2.5 mm