PULLMAX KUMLA F13C flanging machine

Year: 1970

Max. thickness in 40 Kg/mm2 13 mm Max. thickness in 60 Kg/mm2 10 mm Max. workpiece 3000 Ø Maximum sheet thickness 13 mm Max. dishing radius 40 mm Min. product Ø 800

SMT Schleifstein KBoL 2010-200 Flanging and dishing machine

Year: 2002

CNC Controll MIPC Q Playback with GAP control Large package TOP rolls 5 units Large package forming & pressure rolls 5 units Loading attachment Unloading attachment Under power out put 6 units Controllable forming roll drive Hydraulic displacement drive Clamping device without hole Basket bottem Knocker bottom Pressure vessel bottom Boiler bottoms Flat floor Plate base diffuser bottom Tank bottom …

SMT Schleifstein KBoL 5028-700 Flanging and dishing machine

Year: 1998

Max. workpiece 5000 Ø Maximum sheet thickness 28 mm Max. dishing radius 700 mm Min. product Ø 800 Min. plate thickness 4 mm

STANKO 7m450 Slotting machine

Year: 1973

VERTICAL SLOTTER STANKO 7 M 450 in good conditions.