SOENEN DVE RAD AL 550 Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2016

Blade length 7000 mm
Wheel diametre 600 mm

BEHRINGER EISELE PSU-450 Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2005

Max. cutting capacity 90° 140 mm
Blade length 450 mm
Engine power 5.2 kW
Max. cutting capacity 45° 125 mm
Blade width 3 mm

Peddinghaus LC 1250 Slitting saw for metal

Year: 1992

Max. cutting capacity 90° 1000 mm
Blade length 14000 mm
Max. cutting capacity 45° 700 mm
Wheel diametre 1250 mm

Behringer-Eisele HCS-90-E Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2017

Operational period: March 2018 - November 2021 Time worked: 4800 hours Cutting range (at an angle of 90o and using a cutting disc with a diameter of 315mm): - Tube profiles Ø12÷90 mm - Rectangular profiles <65x65 mm Minimum cutting length: 12 mm Main drive power: 8 kW Cutting disc diameter: Ø250÷315 mm Rotation speed of the cutting disc: 25÷215 …

EISMO DOPPIA MAGIC new 500105 Slitting saw for metal Low working hours

Year: 2007

Cutting speed 4380 m/min
Wheel diametre 500 mm
Engine power 2.2 kW

ExactCut MAC 65 A Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2007

Cutting speed 160 m/min

MEP Condor 90 CNC LR sawing machine

Year: 2001

Max. cutting capacity 90° 90 mm
Blade width 32 mm
Engine power 1.8 kW
Blade length 300 mm
Cutting speed 60 m/min

Comall Aluminium Machinery MTF 600 A Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2018

Saw for aluminum profiles single head electro-pneumatic retractable saw with automatic tilting and feeding. Head tilted from 20 degrees to the right to 20 degrees to the left with intermediate angles. MTF 600 A is specially designed for cutting aluminum or light alloy sections of profiles.

Used IMET FULGOR Slitting saw for metal


For sale: IMET professional circular saw for metals, model FULGOR. Works very well. Sold with a second disc. Position 220V/380V

Half-automatic saw Bomar AL500

Year: 2004

Type: AL500 Producer: Bomar Made in: 2004 Characteristic: Saw blade speed: 3000 1/min Air pressure: 0.4 - 0-6 bar Length: 950 mm Width: 890 mm Height: 1560 mm Weight: 500 kg Equipment: Roller conveyor 6 3 m

Double head saw RAPID DGL 250

Year: 2013

Wheel diametre 550 mm

IMET SIRIO 370 Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2005

Max. cutting capacity 90° 120 mm
Blade width 370 mm
Max. cutting capacity 45° 120 mm
Engine power 3 kW

Formatting saw Paolony P45

Year: 2007

Engine power 5.5 kW

Schmidt und Remmert EMT80-2-F01 Sawing machine

Year: 2020

This Schmidt und Remmert EMT80-2-F01 Sawing machine was manufactured in the year 2020 in Germany. It is equipped with a SIEMENS SIMATIC HMI control unit. The machine operates with pipes up to ø 80 x 2 mm with two cutting blades. Machine width: 2300 mm Machine depth: 1600 mm Machine height: 2000 mm Machine weight: 2200 kg CNC: SIEMENS SIMATIC …

Bewo FCH-90-M Simatic OP27 Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2005

Bewo FCH-90-M Simatic OP27 Tube diameter: 8-90mm Square tubes: 80x80mm Min cutting length: 30mm Max cutting length: 3000mm Manufacturingyear: 2005 Length: 10500mm Width: 2300mm

EMMEGI START MAGIC NEW500 2-head aluminum circular saw Hot deal

Year: 2005

Max. cutting capacity 90° 150 mm
Engine power 4.5 kW
Blade length 500 mm

Kaltenbach KKS 400 Slitting saw for metal


Max. cutting capacity 90° 400 mm
Blade length 400 mm
Cutting speed 260 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 130 mm
Blade width 40 mm
Engine power 2.6 kW

SIMEC SIMEC MEC 120 CNC + SB 3000A (ébavureuse) Slitting saw for metal

Year: 2015

Max. cutting capacity 90° 100 mm
Engine power 3 kW
Blade length 250 mm

IMET SIRIO 370 AF-E Slitting saw for metal Hot deal

Year: 2001

IMET disc saw model: SIRIO 370 AF-E Semi-automatic electronic disc saw, with pneumatic movement and hydraulic braking of the blade descent speed. It performs cuts 45 ° right to 60 ° left of profiles and solids in metal material. The movement of the cutting unit takes place on adjustable vertical guides.